Monday, July 10, 2006


First I want to show you a picture of a cute sweater. Karen from Quadra Island was lucky enough to have a grand daughter born about 2 weeks after Meika was born. We talk lots about our Grand daughters as you can imagine. Karen knit this little sweater for her with Opal Petticoat Cotton in colour # 1336. This is the free pattern but she changed it a bit. It is sure cute. Now we need a picture of her in it.

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Now on to the contest.

I am making up a free pattern for the Web Store to go with the Gedifra Sportivo yarn. This pattern is for a " SCRAWL " Can you guess what that is. The person who guesses will get enough Sportivo yarn in their colour choice to make one. Since I can't tell you what it is and it isn't finished yet. I am not sure how many balls that is. (3-4 at least) To enter the contest simply e-mail your answer to me and put contest in the subject line. If I get more than 1 right guess then I will draw the winner. Here are a couple of pictures of the scrawl to confuse you further, help you figure out what it is. The contest will end July 20th. and I will announce the winner here. Good Luck
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This is the colour I am making the Scrawl in - Sportivo 5769
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Sharon said...

Hi Shelley,
I think a Scrawl might be a combination of a shrug/cardigan and a shawl. I love the yarn and the whole idea. Something to spice up the summer.

Rhonda said...

A Scarf/Shawl ... It can be worn either way ,,, as a scarf or when it's chilly, undrape it a little to wear as a shawl. I win!! *smile*