Tuesday, July 18, 2006

The Scrawl is done

It is finished and I like even better than I thought I would. That is the fun of designing either you love it or hate once its done - Well this one is a Love it garment. I get an idea in my head and then as I am knitting I always have doubts if it will turn out. So it is great to have the idea become a reality and then to turn out so good. - Bonus.
I think a lot of people will like it too. You have 1 more day to submit you guess to what a SCRAWL is. Here is the contest.

I am making up a free pattern for the Web Store to go with the Gedifra Sportivo yarn. This pattern is for a " SCRAWL " Can you guess what that is. The person who guesses will get enough Sportivo yarn in their colour choice to make one. The Scrawl took 3 1/2 balls of yarn so you will win 4 balls.
To enter the contest simply e-mail your answer to me shelmack@telus.net and put contest in the subject line. If I get more than 1 right guess then I will draw the winner.
This is quite fun. I will post the Scrawl on Thursday before Noon Pacific time and will notify the winner by email on Thursday morning.

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