Sunday, July 02, 2006

Flashy fingers gloves

I had to show you this. Normally I would wait until the pattern is written and show the finished garment all nice but this is a good laugh. I wanted to make a pattern for gloves with Opal Saphir, the DK weight patterned yarn by Opal and have each finger a different colour. This worked out great, (the thumb will be blue soon), so I tried the glove on and realized the middle finger is very flashy, not intentional but funny. This pattern will be available free in August on the web site along with the Saphir yarn. Maybe I am just tired but that seemed really funny.
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Peg said...

Yes, I also think that 'finger' is funny! What beautiful weather we are having for knitting outside. Might make you wonder why anyone would need gloves!

Rhonda said...

You're right ... it's funny. But wait ... imagine if it was the color of the strip next to it which also goes around the hand ... I think it would "stand out" even more, LOL. And even that would be funny. *smile*

Deb said...

Tooo funny!I am a teacher, and I often refer to it as "the naughty finger". Now I'll have to tell them not to flash the fancy finger!!!!!