Saturday, July 01, 2006

Happy Canada Day

Happy Canda Day. It is a beautiful hot and sunny day here today. Here are my Canada Day socks made with Opal Prisma. I dusted off the knitting machine and plan to knit lots of socks. I want to have lots done. We are going to hve a booth at Gibson's Fibre Festival selling sock yarn of course. That should be lots of fun.
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This is what I plan to do today, sit outside at the store and knit, maybe sell some yarn too. This picture was taken on Wed at the store. We have a group of very eager young knitters here on Quadra. Mom is teaching them to knit and so far they all love it. Mom is working on her Pinwheel baby sweater. It is really going to be cute.

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Here it is nearly at the edge. The sleeves will be the bright pink. I will post a finished picture. I have been extremely busy so I haven't blogged much lately.
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Peg said...

Happy Canada Day back at you from Courtenay! What a truly beautiful day!

Deb said...

Happy Canada Day!!!!! I keep on forgetting to send you a pic of my Opal socks (the red and white that I got from you) Here is the link- -scroll down to July 1st. I have many comments on them-thanks for some great yarn!!

Rhonda said...

Happy Day to ya! I love your Mom's Pinwheel sweater ... and I love the hot pink!! I can't wait to finish mine also. I noticed you knit socks on a machine. What kind do you use? I've never tried one, but socks for 18 grandchildren is not fesiable knitting by hand. LOL, they'd out grow them before I'd finish.