Sunday, April 23, 2006

Selling in Canadian and US $

I figured out how to sell in both Canadian and US $. When you click on Web Store it takes you to a page that lets you select the currency you wish to shop in. I hope this is a helpful feature for my customers both sides of the border. Check it out

Friday, April 21, 2006

Online - Fun Colors

I think this is a great name for a yarn for Fun Knits to sell. It just arrived today and the colours are even nicer in person than in the picture. The yarn is the same Online quality (great) I am not going to sell this yarn on eBay only at the Fun Knits Web Store. I am really excited about this. I am selling several of the yarns at the Web Store now. They are in Canadain $ and are the same price as I sell the yarn in the store, So for the local shoppers now you can shop in your PJ's and stop by to pick up your yarn. For the long distance shoppers you can still shop in your PJ's and just wait for  your parcel to arrive. If you are a local shopper and want to pick up the yarn I will refund your shipping of course. I am going to be offer more yarns at the Web Store soon but for now this is a good start. Let me know what you think of the Web Store. I will appreciate any feedback.
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I also got lots more new yarn in today. Elsebeth Lavold Hempathy and her latest book full of great patterns. I see at least 6 sweaters in the book I have to make. I have all the colours in the store.
I also got in some more Malibrigo I got 4 colours, # 26,51, 65 and 113. This yarn sells quick so if you want some come in.

Second Knitting Guild meeting

Well we had a good turn out and lots of fun. Here is our happy bunch of Quadra knitters. We had show and tell a little lesson on lace knitting and a few pattern hand outs. I got in some sale yarn so they all got first dibs on the yarn boxes. If you want to see the sale yarns come in on Saturday. We will have Naturally 10 and 14 ply at a great price ( $6.50 a ball). I have colour 551 in the 14 ply and 151, 154 and 158 in the 10 ply. It is beautiful pur wool yarn. There are many other sale yarns, Kid Silk, Mohair Plus, Sublime, Cotton Freedom, Gypsy and lots more.
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They are concentrating so hard on knitting they didn't even notice this picture getting taken. Our next meeting will be May 18th so mark your calendars.
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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Kniting Guild tonight

Tonight is our second knitting  guild meeting. We have a new dishcloth pattern for tonight Little Leaf dishcloth. This is adapted from a scarf pattern by Sivia Harding.

We are also going to start a new sock pattern. It is called Eagle's Flight by Megan Humphrey. I started it to show how the pattern looks. I love it. This is knit in Regia Cotton Surf.
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I finished one of the Jaywalker socks. I love it. It is made from Opal Rosehip.

I love how this yarn looks in this pattern
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Hope to see a big turn out tonight.

Sunday, April 16, 2006

New Web site look

Happy Easter everyone. We had a nice Easter here and more to come. A big dinner tonight. My son Morgan was here for the weekend and he helped me get a new look for the web page.It is a start. I will be working on it for a while. I want to eventually have lots of yarn for sale on the web site. It will come in time.
For now the front page looks better with nice links.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Cotton Sale at the store

We are having an Easter weekend Cotton sale at the store. All yarns that contain cotton are 10% off. I have lots of Cotton yarns, Butterfly Mercerized cotton, Ecoknits cotton, Sari cotton and lots of cotton blend sock yarns to name a few.
It should be a fun weekend.

Monday, April 10, 2006

Show me how to cast on again Grandma

Here are some cute pictures of Meika playing with yarn.  We actually had the yarn cast on to the wooden spoon at one point but it didn't last long. I figure if  let her play with yarn she will like knitting.
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Got tired of her knitting but just couldn't get away from it.
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Saturday, April 08, 2006

Lots to show today

Sorry for anyone who reads this regularly. I have been too busy to blog. See why, Megan and Meika came to visit. Meika is into everything now and just full of energy. She is crawling all over now, not walking yet, but she is fast enough crawling. They went home yesterday. It was a nice visit.
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I have some pictures to show from the store last Saturday. I am sure these people have been checking the blog all week to see if they are on it yet. So here they are. McKenna is 2 years old and her Nana made her this really cute poncho with Noro. It is the pattern from Knitting Pure and Simple.
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McKenna is a great model. She is so cute. I want to make one of these poncho's for Meika for next fall and spring.
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Here is a picture of the Shy guy knitter's wife holding his latest creation. He just learned how to knit cables so he made himself a sweater and is working on one for his grandson. He is a great knitter just very camera shy. Someday he will pose for us. Isn't that a nice sweater. It is knit with Paton's Aran wool from a Paton's pattern book.
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And finally here is a picture of meika shoping. She has good taste she is shopping in the Noro bin picking out her poncho colours. Can she ever mess up a ball of yarn fast. She is wearing a little sweater my Mom made with Petticoat sock yarn. Here is the pattern she loosely followed. It only took 1 ball of yarn. Mom put a contrast colour on the cuffs and button band. It is very cute.
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I have been knitting a lot lately but have nothing to show you. I am half done all kinds of things. Some day I will show some fininshed items.

A note to everyone who shops at the store or with me online. I am placing an order for Lorna's Laces this week. If you want anything let me know before Wednesday. i am out of the Quadra Island  and Fun Knits colours sock yarn.