Tuesday, December 26, 2006

We had a great Christmas

We had a wonderful Christmas. It started off Christmas with sining Christmas carols around the piano. Then Meika opened her new PJ's and off to bed with the kids.

The next morning Meika and Megan arrived in style courtesy of my son Morgan. They came by wagon with all their presents. I didn't quite get Meika's doll blanket done by Christmas morning so I am showing it to her still on the needles. She will get used to this as she grows and realize presents on knitting needles are presents in progress. She seemed to cope well and the blanket is done today and on the doll.
This is my son Morgan and partner Sjanie. They came for Christmas and had a great time. They cooked a wonderful dinner for us. Sjanie crochets so she got a gift certifcate for Fun Knits and the latest crochet magazine as one of her gifts.

This is what is going on at my house today (the new doll blanket is under the other blanket on Mieka). Sleeping off the big event. While they slept I went and registered for this workshop. My Christmas present to me from me. It should be great fun. I can't wait. I am going to try my hand at spinning and weaving.

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Merry Christmas

I can't believe Christmas eve is here already. I have been very busy getting ready for Christmas and am barely ready. At least all of the shopping is done. Today I need to bake and wrap presents. I have learned not to bake too early for Christmas or it gets devoured, but this is leaving it a bit late.I didn't get much knitting done and the only one getting anything I knit is Meika of course. I knit her a little sweater and I knit her a doll blanket. Both are wrapped so I will show a picture tomorrow.
This has been an exhausting month with the move to the new store so I am looking forward to a few days at home. The store will be closed on Boxing Day so I can stay home and hang out with my family. We will reopen on Wed. I know a lot of people got gift certificates so we will see you next week in the store or online.
If you left your Christmas shopping to the last minute like I leave baking and wrapping then you can buy Gift Certificates online for Fun Knits.
Have a great Christmas.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Pictures of the New store finally

This is the new sock yarn section and a table to knit at and look at patterns

The view from the cash register.
I finally got some pictures of the new store. I didn't get my pictures until closing last night so I didn't get a picture of my new sign but that will come soon.
I still have lots to do to get the store how I want it but that will come in time.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Gift Certificates

They are the most wonderful gift to give and to get. You know the person you are giving them too will get just what they want. No worrying about picking wrong colours.
So this year Fun Knits Web Store has Gift Certificates for sale in Canadian or US $. They are very easy to buy and very easy to use. You don't need a paypal account to buy them but the gift certificate is processed using paypal.
Another feature about these great gift certificates - you can buy it today and have it delivered to the recipients email address on a specific date - like Birthday or Christmas.
So send in your requests to your friends and relatives. Then get what you really want for Christmas or your birthday - YARN

Friday, December 08, 2006

My pattern is in Knitty

This is great the Knitty magazine came out this morning and how I found out was all the orders I received for yarn. My pattern is for the Blended Hues Cardigan. It is a cardigan I made for Meika using Island Hues lace weight yarn with 3 strands held together and shading from one colour to the next. It is kind of big on Meika in the pictures but fits her better now. The pictures were taken in the summer ( poor kid - it was hot out when we took the pictures.) This is exciting.
An update on the store. It is looking better everyday. I will get pictures next week and show you the finished look of the new store. Today I am just sorting needles and getting them all set up, then the notions and I am done. Not getting much knitting done.