Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Meika was a hit at the store

Meika's first day at the yarn store went great. It started with her meeting her new Great Grandparents
Proud Great Grand Parents.
It wasn't too long before my Mom had her in the store to get a real good look at her.
Meika passing the Grandma inspection with flying colours.

Then she had to meet some of her Quadra Island cousins
Meika's Cousins.
They sure are a cute bunch and were quite delighted to finaly get to hold the baby.
Brenda and Meika.
And the last picture of the day was Brenda holding Meika. She happily put her sock knitting aside for a few minutes to get her turn to hold the baby. Meika is wearing the little hat I made with Bernat Baby lash, the same hat Ming had on in last nights post. It is too big on Meika.
The general concensus of the day is that Meika will be a knitter. She has nice long fingers for holding needles and good knitting genes.
It was a fun day at the store as usual. Lots of visitors and shoppers. I also had a visit from my friend Karen's husband Murray to tell me the great news that her Grand baby was born last week. They have a Grand daughter too, so I really need to load up on pink yarn.

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

A great surprise

Earlier tonight I was busy writing my blog and my husband arrived home from a trip to Vancouver. He came in the door carrying is suitbag and said to me "Here take this" so I reach for his suitbag and he said not that, this and held down the bag and there was my grand daughter Meika. My daughter popped up behind him. This was the best surprise I have had in years. I was seriously very blue about not getting to spend much time with my daughter and her new baby this week. So this has really cheered me up.
Here she is - My great daughter Megan and my sweet little Grand daughter Meika.
The best surprise I have had in years.
So everything else I was writing about in my blog pales in comparison but here it is.

I made this little baby poncho and hat using Bernat Baby Lash. It is so soft and quick to knit, the pattern is on the ball band. Doesn't Ming look cute in it.
Ming in Baby Lash Poncho.

My Mom made this little sweater using Opal Petticoat. It turned out really cute and only took 1 ball of yarn.
Opal petticoat sweater.
Notice we are both knitting pink girly items these days. Well this is where I was earlier in the blog when I got my big surprise.
If anyone want to meet Meika and my daughter they will be at the store tomorrow a lot. My Mom and Dad will be meeting Meika for the first time. I will take lots of pictures. Should be a fun day.

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Home now

I got home late Monday night and I have been very busy catching up on all my eBay sales, household chores etc...... not to mention showing everyone I know pictures of our new grand daughter.
Her name is Meika Layne Shaflik. She is the cutet baby I have ever seen (could be a bit partial) and she is very good. She already sleeps for 4 hours during the night. My daughter doesn't know how lucky she is.
The little newborn hat and sock sets were a big hit in Vancouver. I sold out of the ones my daughter didn't take for Meika.
Here are some pictures of her in the little hat and sock sets.
Meika in her rock shirt
This is Meika in a hat and sock set made from Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock yarn. She is wearing a shirt from her Dad's band Catapult.
Meika in Opal Petticaot
Meika is modeling the Opal Petticoat set I made her.
Meika sleeping under the Heirloom shawl
And last of all here is a picture of Meika sleeping peacefully under the Heirloom shawl that Mom made for her out of Regia Silk. Notice how little she is. She is only taking up 1 square of the shawl and there are 16 squares in it. Lots of room to grow there.
Now that I am home things are slowly coming back to order. Thanks for everyones kind understanding about the delays in last weeks auction shipping. The last of the parcels are going out this morning.

Thursday, June 16, 2005

The Baby is here !!!!!!!!

My daughter had her baby June 14th at 6:37 PM. She had a baby girl, 6lbs, 8 oz.The name is yet to come. She is perfect and my daughter is doing fine. I was able to make it to Vancouver in time to help her with the birth. Here are a few pictures.
The proud gandparents
This a picture of my husband and I a few minutes after the baby was born.
Mom and baby and blanket
My daughter Megan and the new baby resting under the Heirloom shawl.
The proud Mom and beautiful little girl
This is my daughter Megan and her sweet little baby. the baby is weaing a hat made with the new Opal petticoat. Looks great on her. We change hats about every few hours so she can have a new look all the time.
She will be coming home from the hospital today and I am staying to help them out for a few days. I am sure there will be many more pictures to follow.

I will be back next week. I have access to a computer now so I should be able to carry on the eBay as usual but there will be some delays in shipping. Sorry if that is inconvenient for anyone. But look at these pictures and you will understand why.
My Mom will be running the store so we are business as usual. I am just away having fun with my daughter and new grand daughter.

Sunday, June 12, 2005

New Sock Yarn - Regia Brasil

I have a new sock yarn available it is really nice. It has a short pattern repeat and the colours are great. It is available at the Buy it Now section of my eBay store.
I am making a hat using the Brasil 5480 right now and it is great . Will post a picture when done.
On the home front we are back from the hospital and everything is OK. I got lots of knitting done while in hospital but nothing finished as usual. I worked on the pink poncho, the new hat and a top I started using Eco knits cotton. I wish I could stick to something and get it finished. I love starting new projects. I need more self discipline.

Thursday, June 09, 2005

May be delays in eBay shipping

Sorry but I may not get the parcels sent out until Monday this week. My boy is in hospital and I just came home for a few minutes to pack for him and send out invoices. I will try to get some done tomorrow if can get home. I stay with him a lot when he is in hospital.
He has an infection and we are not sure where yet. So I am sure everyone will understand if I am a bit late.

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Trunk Yarn Store

This picture just goes to show that people who love yarn will buy it anywhere, anytime. We went for lunch today with the Machine Knitter's club and after lunch we all retreated to Ethel's Trunk to see what yarns she had to sell. It just looked so funny I had to get a picture.
Yarn Trunk Sale
Of course I had to buy some yarn to add to my already gigantic stash of cone yarn. How can a person resist a good sale out of the trunk of Ethel's car.

Sunday, June 05, 2005

The Baby Blanket is done

Well our new grandbaby can come anytime now. Mom got the Heirloom shawl done last week. It is amazing. She made it with Regia Silk sock yarn, a blend of silk , wool and nylon. It is incredibly soft.
Here is the picture of Mom and the finished baby blanket. Mom is very happy the blanket is finished before the baby came.
Mom and the Heirloom Shawl
this is a close up of one square and the edge. It is so pretty.
Close up of the Heirloom Shawl
This blanket will become a family treasure.
My Grandmother gave my Mom the pattern and my Mom knit this blanket for my oldest brother and now she has knit it again for her first Great grand child. That absolutely fits the blankets name Heirloom.

I haven't blogged much this week as I have had to hire a new person to care for my special needs guys. I have been interviewing and training all week. We even have had to alter the store hours but I am happy to say I was able to hire someone so things should get back to normal around here soon. I am intensely training this poor girl as she needs to be ready to take over for me when I go to Vancouver for the baby's birth and who knows when that will be, could be any time now.

I actually got all the socks knit and here is a picture of my favorite pair. They are made with Lorna's Laces Shepherd Socks in River colour.
Lorna's Laces socks - River

In the hand knitting department I am making a poncho out of Shetland Chunky in rose colour. It is turning out quite nice.
Machine knitting aside from socks I am making a lace shawl with Fiddlesticks Country Silk. It is beautful yarn. I just got some new colours in the store and I just couldn't resist knitting some. I will post pictures when done.