Tuesday, June 28, 2005

A great surprise

Earlier tonight I was busy writing my blog and my husband arrived home from a trip to Vancouver. He came in the door carrying is suitbag and said to me "Here take this" so I reach for his suitbag and he said not that, this and held down the bag and there was my grand daughter Meika. My daughter popped up behind him. This was the best surprise I have had in years. I was seriously very blue about not getting to spend much time with my daughter and her new baby this week. So this has really cheered me up.
Here she is - My great daughter Megan and my sweet little Grand daughter Meika.
The best surprise I have had in years.
So everything else I was writing about in my blog pales in comparison but here it is.

I made this little baby poncho and hat using Bernat Baby Lash. It is so soft and quick to knit, the pattern is on the ball band. Doesn't Ming look cute in it.
Ming in Baby Lash Poncho.

My Mom made this little sweater using Opal Petticoat. It turned out really cute and only took 1 ball of yarn.
Opal petticoat sweater.
Notice we are both knitting pink girly items these days. Well this is where I was earlier in the blog when I got my big surprise.
If anyone want to meet Meika and my daughter they will be at the store tomorrow a lot. My Mom and Dad will be meeting Meika for the first time. I will take lots of pictures. Should be a fun day.


Anonymous said...

I'll be there sometime around 4 or 4:30 this afternoon, looking forward to seeing you then! Maybe I'll get to meet Megan and Meika.

Uli said...

What a wonderful surprise!!! And what a cutie pie. Enjoy your day at the store today. I really like the little Petticoat cardigan. Very cute. Have a wonderful day.