Thursday, November 29, 2007

Sock Yarn Sale - Christmas in the Cove

Fun Knits is having a Sock yarn sale all day tomorrow.

All sock yarn will be 15% off. Since lots of our shoppers don't live close enough to come to our sale we are offering this sale to everyone.
You can take advantage of this sale 3 ways
1 - Come to the store - I'd love to see you - we will have goodies and I am giving out a neat little Christmas ornament kit.
2 - phone order 250-285-2751 - Pacific time - We are open 10 am - 9 pm tomorrow. Please check out the web site and have your order written out when you phone. We take Matsercard and Visa over the phone.
3 - internet orders - same as usual but - I will refund your paypal account 15%

Maybe you are asking yourself - Why am I having a sale

Two reasons - We have been in the new store for 1 year now. Also tomorrow is Christmas in the Cove. Every year on Quadra Island we have Christmas in the Cove. On our nice quiet little Island everything closes here about 5pm, the grocery store is open until 9pm but not many people veture out at night. Christmas in the Cove is different - Everyone comes out. It is a lot of fun.
See you then. Pray we don't get snow - Look at last year

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Kauni Christmas Stocking

Wow 2 posts in one day.

Here is the pattern for the Kauni Christmas Stocking. It is a $4.00 download available here

It knits up very quickly - Good thing since we only have 1 month left until Christmas.
The bad news is I am out of EK(green) More coming soon. I have a few yarn knits available to knit this stocking. If you want one email me at
This stocking can be knit with just EQ and pick your colours. it takes only 55 grams of the red(EM) and 50 grams of the EK(green).
I plan on making my next on with EQ so I will keep you posted.

Catching up

This post will catch us up to the current. Lots has been going on so much I am too busy to blog..

Mom had a great birthday and thanks to all who came by and left comments. She had a great time. Yes that was Mom in the store last Wed. She came out of retirement to work last Wed. I am sure she will still be around. In this picture she is holding her nearly finished socks. I did finish them by the end of her birthday - ends sewn in and everything. We had a good time.
Now I am going way back to the Craft show at Abbotsford. I had these pictures and forgot to share them with you. They are so cute. We had a table set up with knitting needles on it so people could sit and make a little Christmas ornament. When Meika came of course she wanted to knit so she grabbed some needles and her Mom's name tag and started knitting it. So cute.
Once she got running around with the needles she lost them but she sat for about 10 minutes trying to figure out how to cast on with the name tag. Very cute.

Onto my next new passion. I have been spinning a lot and I am improving. My first stuff was too embarassing to show pictures of. It was certainly novelty yarn. I am spinning this lovely merino from Louet called Northern lights in Grape Jelly colour. It is sooooooooo nice to spin. I plan to make Meika a sweater for Christmas so I better get busy. I have 1 skein spun, plied and ready and I figure I will need 3. I will keep you posted on how this goes.

The last picture is Sweetie wearing a newborn hat I made ( yes I washed it before I gave it to the baby). Sweetie is the abondoned cat we got a while ago. He certainly is fine now. He actually loved wearing the hat. I may make him one for Christmas but a little smaller. He still won't go outside unless someone takes him outside so he doesn't have much need for a nice noro hat.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Happy Birthday and Happy Retirement Mom!!!

*****Happy Birthday Mom ******

Today is my Mom's 75th birthday. I am not sure she will be impressed that the entire knitting world know her age but I think she needs to be recognized for it and should be proud of it.
My Mom had work tirelessly with me at Fun Knits from the beginning of the store. She has put in many hours of hard work and made lots of sales. She mentioned that she is getting tired of working and would work until Christmas. Well I decided her 75th birthday was a good day to retire. Not bad most people retire at 65. Now Mom can come and hang out at the store and knit.
We are having an all day party at the store with cake and balloons. She has worked on Wed. since the store started and I am sure everyone will miss her.
I knit Mom a shawl with Noro Silk garden and am working on her 2nd sock. I am at the toe on her Warm and Fuzzy socks. We have a tradition in our family that gifts still on the needles are still gifts. Pictures will come later.
So for all you readers in blogland please join us today and wish Mom a Happy Birthday and Retirement. Any locals - come in and wish her Happy Birthday. We have great cake, snacks - lights, heat and hot tea (we have power at the store).
We had a huge storm here on the weekend and most people are still without power. hmm - I guess the ones without power won't get this today. Oh well leave belated greetings.

Friday, November 02, 2007

Sweatermaker Sock yarn

Yesterday I went to see Judy Maclean aka -Sweatermaker Yarns - , she had just finished dying some great sock yarn so once again I brought some home wet. I love the smell of drying yarn. This should be dry and ready to go to new homes this weekend. if you love it and want some let me know. I am going to Abbotsford next week to the BC's Creative Expo. This yarn is coming with me and I am sure it won't come back. Shan I have a fairly good match for your shawl and Coral here are the sock colours take your pick. I was also able to match up and get more of the mohair lace weight - just can't remember who that is for so if you read this drop by the store. I have your yarn.

I had a great visit with Judy. I left her with all kinds of yarn to dye for us. I will post it when I pick it up in a few weeks. We also talked about her workshop she will be doing at the next knitting Retreat. It sounds really good. I am just in the process of getting a few things organized and I will have the Spring knitting retreat registrations starting mid Dec. - So mark your calendar and don't make any plans (except you Lisa - you can have the baby) April 4-6, 2008