Thursday, November 29, 2007

Sock Yarn Sale - Christmas in the Cove

Fun Knits is having a Sock yarn sale all day tomorrow.

All sock yarn will be 15% off. Since lots of our shoppers don't live close enough to come to our sale we are offering this sale to everyone.
You can take advantage of this sale 3 ways
1 - Come to the store - I'd love to see you - we will have goodies and I am giving out a neat little Christmas ornament kit.
2 - phone order 250-285-2751 - Pacific time - We are open 10 am - 9 pm tomorrow. Please check out the web site and have your order written out when you phone. We take Matsercard and Visa over the phone.
3 - internet orders - same as usual but - I will refund your paypal account 15%

Maybe you are asking yourself - Why am I having a sale

Two reasons - We have been in the new store for 1 year now. Also tomorrow is Christmas in the Cove. Every year on Quadra Island we have Christmas in the Cove. On our nice quiet little Island everything closes here about 5pm, the grocery store is open until 9pm but not many people veture out at night. Christmas in the Cove is different - Everyone comes out. It is a lot of fun.
See you then. Pray we don't get snow - Look at last year

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Brenda said...

I won't be able to make it over yet again, unfortunately. Usually I'm on vacation close to now, but not this year. Two more work weeks after this one and I will be though. Maybe I'll be able to make it over then.

Yep, snow in the forecast again, a year to the day. Crazy! I was in Courtenay when the snow started on Monday (for work), it took me almost 90 minutes to get home. I had a headache for a few hours after from that white knuckle driving.