Saturday, December 01, 2007

We are Closed today

Sorry - Today the shop is closed. There are about 6 reasons why I can't open the shop today and 4 of them are due to the SNOW. We have about 3" on the ground and lots more to come.

Yesterday's sale went great. I heard from lots of internet people - fun to talk to customer's from far away on the phone. The in store sale went great too and the sock yarn supply is somewhat depleted. I think a lot of people are getting socks this Christmas.

The store looks very Christmasy. Mom and Dad came over for the evening and we ate Pizza and drank tea. It was lovely.
I guess I have time to knit today. I am knitting about 5 projects. 3 socks, 1 lace scarf, 1 top down sweater for Meika knit with my handspun yarn. What shall I work on first...... off to knit

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