Monday, December 03, 2007

Weather !!!! and Spinning

Look what we are in for today. We usually get a wind warning or a rainfall warning but today we are getting a snow, rain and wind warning. I am not going out the door. A very good day to stay in and knit. This has been the worst weather weekend. First we got about 60 cm of snow, now it has just started freezing rain on top of that and I can't wait until the winds hit. The trees will snap like twigs with all the ice and snow on them.

I have taken up spinning and I just love it. I have improved in the last few month going from chunky novelty yarn to yarn I can actually knit with. I am making a sweater for Meika for Christmas. The fleece is Northern Lights by Louet. It is merino wool and is dyed with in very short repeats so when you spin it, the yarn gets tweedy. I love it. It is wonderful fibre you can spin it right out of the bag. I have ordered some more and will carry this fibre in the store and online soon.
I am knitting the Essential Baby Cardigan by Lisa Henderson. As you can see I have taken a few liberties with the pattern. I wanted a pullover as Meika has a lot of cardigans and I wanted cables as a design at the raglan shaping. The picture doesn't show the cables very well but the show up nicely.
This is quite a nice pattern. It is written for 3 weights of yarn and size newborn to 3 years old. I already knit this pattern out of Noro for a friend's baby and the sweater turned out great.
I love knitting with this hand spun. It's almost like I know the yarn since I have spent so much time with it, spinning it then plying it.
I just wish I had more time.
Wow just as I was writing this post the snow plow came by. We might even be able to drive our van home today. It has been stuck at the store since Saturday.


Lisa said...

Hey - thanks for the plug!
Beautiful handspun.

I like the pullover - send me some of your pics if you want - so I can start building up a bit of a gallery :)

Shan said...

Oh man that's beautiful roving.

Shelley I'm impressed with your spinning...and green with envy. I've been waiting for a good two years now to try spinning.