Monday, August 20, 2007

Gibson's was great fun

We sold lots of yarn at Gibson's this year and had a really good time. It was a very relaxiong trip. We went there the day before we had to set up. We have to take 3 Ferries to get to Gibson's so it literally takes all day. We had a really nice place to stay, it was a small self contained 1 bedroom house. It was a very cosy home away from home. The next day we slept in :) so nice and had brunch about noon. The set up went well and they didn't have to kick us out this year.. We were finished long before they locked the doors.
The next 3 days were all about yarn and knitters, weavers spinners, such fun people.
Here are some pictures of the booth. My husband is just finishing setting up when I took these.
The last picture is Reimer spinnig lace weight Tencel on his drop spindle.


Sunday, August 12, 2007

Cutting the Kauni

I finished the body of the cardigan in the morning and was just casting off when Norma came to pick up her yarn. It was quite fun to meet up with a fellow knitter while in Vancouver. We had fun picking her yarn and talking about knitting in general.

That evening I had summoned the courage and with the moral support of my good friend Wendy. I made the first cut.
Cutting the steeks was a leap of faith for me. It just doesn't seem normal to cut your knitting at all. It all went very well and the sweater didn't fall apart. The edges barely even frayed. I was impressed. Now I have the collar done and am working on the buttonbands. I hope to have the sleeves started by the time we leave for Gibson's on Tuesday. I had sucha big order of Kauni EQ come in that I was sure I would have some to take to The Gibson's Fiberfest with me but it all sold. I still have the other colours and am once again taking pre orders for the EQ. The new shipment should arrive about Aug 3oth.

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Filberg was fun

I had a great time selling yarn at Filberg festival for Judy Maclean AKA Sweatermaker. I love her yarns so it was quite easy to sell the stuff. I have a few pictures to share. The pictures are of the booth, hats Judy made, Judy knitting hats, Judy spinning her amazing yarn (wow she is good and I watched and learned) and of course some freshly spun yarn. I am going away for a week so if I am slow to answer emails that is why.
Everyone who ordered Kauin before Sunday AM it will get it sent out his week. For anyone who orders during this week. Your yarn will ship out next week.

I am off to Deafblind Family camp this week. We go every year and it is great fun. It is always nice to see the kids and the parents. Our Special needs son is Deafblind and we go for him. He loves camp too. You can read about him here at his blog.
I really need to get packing for this trip.

Friday, August 03, 2007

sorry no web cam today

Hello all, I am not able to do the web cam today or next week because of unforeseen circumstances. If you would like to call me in the store today for questions etc feel free,
Thanks Megan

The Kauni is here

Anyone who pre ordered the Kauni, it is here and will be in tomorrow's mail I will email you to let you know.
I have some left and it is available at the Web Store
The new 150 gram skeins are nice and they make it easy to match the colours you want to start the sweater at. Uli and Brenda came to viit me at the store today and we had a lot of fun picking out colour combinations for Uli's Kauni cardigan. we had a great visit and they got to preveiw all the new yarn I got in.
I got so much yarn in today I am actually overwhelmed. I got in 3 huge bags ( I mean Huge) of Briggs and Little, 4 boxes of Cherry Tree Hill, the Kauni which was in a massive box and some yarn from China. What a pile of yarn.
Tomorrow and Sat I will be at the Filberg Festival selling yarn for Sweatermaker. that should be a lot of fun. If you are in the area stop by Judy's booth and say HI.