Monday, August 20, 2007

Gibson's was great fun

We sold lots of yarn at Gibson's this year and had a really good time. It was a very relaxiong trip. We went there the day before we had to set up. We have to take 3 Ferries to get to Gibson's so it literally takes all day. We had a really nice place to stay, it was a small self contained 1 bedroom house. It was a very cosy home away from home. The next day we slept in :) so nice and had brunch about noon. The set up went well and they didn't have to kick us out this year.. We were finished long before they locked the doors.
The next 3 days were all about yarn and knitters, weavers spinners, such fun people.
Here are some pictures of the booth. My husband is just finishing setting up when I took these.
The last picture is Reimer spinnig lace weight Tencel on his drop spindle.


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