Sunday, February 27, 2005

A Fun Day at the Store

Yesterday was such a fun day at the store. Brenda and a friend came over. They seemed to enjoy themselves. We sure enjoyed their visit. Brenda brought over her Garter Stitch Jacket back from Fleece Artist, wow is it soft. I tried to get their yarns in the store but they are so back ordered I can't get any until the fall. Mom and I were both in the store yesterday and we were both busy all day. Lots of customers were in. Marnie a Quadra knitter was in and she is nearly finished her Mango Moon sweater. I will post a picture of her wearing it when she is done. It looks great. I finished the hooded sweater with the Sirdar Yoyo on Friday and I sold while I was waiting for the ferry on Friday. I didn't even get a picture of it. I had enough yarn left over to make aSirdar Purple Haze Baby Sweater baby sweater.
I needed to have something to show just how nice this yarn is. I love it. Sold some yesterday at the store.
I worked on my Noro Silk Garden socks Noro Silk Garden socks 86Dfor the new pattern book. I am keeping these socks once they are done getting their picture taken for the book. They are so warm and nice, I got 1 sock out of 1 ball of yarn. I hope to finish the second one today. Then I have to get back to baby sweater knitting for my new Grandbaby due in June. I am knitting a pink and a blue outfit just in case. I can always sell the outfit the baby won't need.
Today is really foggy here. A perfect day to nestle in and knit.

Thursday, February 24, 2005

Great News

A few of my patterns have been selected to go in a new Noro Pattern book. I am really excited about this. My Noro Transitions sweater , my Noro Hat patterns and a a couple of sock patterns and a baby vest. I was really excited about this. The book is coming out later this year. They also want me to design a few items using alpalca for a different book coming out in 2006. This should be fun.
The store was great yesterday. So much fun you can't call it work. I have a lot of interest for the knit along so I figure we will start March 1. The top is a fairly easy lace pattern. My Mom is working on it now and she said once you get past the first few rows the pattern makes sense. I haven't tried it yet but I am going to do the Knit along. I am going to make it in Super 10 but I haven't decided the colour yet.
I have had a lot of interest in the Sock Yarn Afghan contest too so get your squares in. Mine is lonely. They are easy to make. Done in one good movie.

Sunday, February 20, 2005

Sock Yarn Afghan Contest

This should be fun.
I am going to start a contest and the prize is an afghan. To enter the contest you must make a square for the afghan. The squares must be made with sock yarn. Great for using up leftovers. Here is what the finishedBrasil 5003 squaresquare looks like. The pattern is simple I will write it here and I will post on the yahoo forum. I will put it on my web site soon too.

Square measured 7 1/2" Knit on 5 dp 2.75mm needles
I used 13 grams of Opal Brazil 5003

Cast on 12 stitches - 3 on each of the 4 needles
Round 1: Knit one round plain
Round 2: - Knit1 (K1) yarn over (yo) K1 on the first needle, repeat on the next 3 needles
Round 3: and every alternate round Knit
Round 4: K2 YO K1 YO K2 repeat this on all four needles
Round 6: K3 YO K1 YO K3 repeat this on all four needles

Keeping this pattern you will have 1 more stitch on each needle before and after the YO K1 YO.
until 19 stitches are before and after the increase. Work this round
Now you have 20 stitches between the K1 stitch
Knit last round - Cast off loosely. Block your square. Hopefully it measures 71/2" but if it doesn't don't worry. You don't need to sew in the ends. Attach your name, address and email to the square and mail it to:

Fun Knits
Box 521
Quathiaski Cove, B.C.
V0P 1N0

You can enter as many squares as you want. The more you enter the more chance you have of winning.

Friday, February 18, 2005

Spring Knit Along Information

I have just started a group for Fun Knits knitter on Yahoo.
Join up if you are interested. Our Spring Knit-Along will be fun.

Yesterday I got a box full of yarn for the store. I got some Plymouth Stone Cotton in colours 207 Natural, 202 Sky Blue Tweed, 211 Lilac Tweed, 257 Adobe Tweed, 252 Grey Tweed, 288 Maple Tweed, 289 Indigo Tweed.
The 288 is my favourite.
I also got Sirdar Yoyo. I am putting this yarn on eBay later today. It will also be available in the store. I don't expect this yarn to last long. Is it ever nice. I am making hooded sweater for a 12 year old out of the purple right now. I love this stuff. It feels like a cosy light weight terry material when knit up. The colour flows into the next shade very slowly and looks great. I have the sweater nearly done (all but the hood) and I still have enough for a hat and scarf set left. 880 meters in one ball of yarn. Quite impressive.
I also got in 2 colours of Noro Transitions in colours 2 and 6. These are available at my eBay store
Also this week on auction I will have Regia Silk sock yarn, Bernat matrix, Online Flair and Kertzer Sari and Ranee. The last 3 are great for making spring scarves with.

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

I am still here

I am still here for anyone who reads this. I just got a new computer last week and it is taking a while to find all my old sites. I have been really busy with the store. Saturday was good day as all days in the store are. The sun was shining and it was wonderful. I got all the hand dyed yarn labelled and in the store. I will post pictures tonight. I got all my Super 10 cotton out too. That is such nice yarn I am thinking of making a top out of it. I found a nice sleeveless top pattern at Estelle

Is anyone interested in a knit along!!!

Sunday, February 06, 2005

Mango Moon is a good seller

The store was really fun yesterday. Very busy most of the day. The Mango Moon was the big seller today. I had 24 skeins and am now down to 8 so if you want any come on Wednesday. I took a before and after picture. It also shows our Valentine window display.
Mango Moon Before
Mango Moon After
In the window you can also see my bucket of Sari and Ranee, I spent all day looking at that and just had to start a scarf. Such nice colours.
This scarf is knit on the diagonal with Sari, Ranee and Estelle Shimmer. Very fun to knit.
Sari, Ranee, Shimmer Sacrf
And finally here is my neglected baby vest back that I hope to get done by Wed. made with the Carioca

Carioca Vest back

Friday, February 04, 2005

Mango moon hat and scarf

Here are some pictures of the Mango Moon. I crocheted a scarf using the Mango Moon silk and the pash mohair in red colour. It really is a nice soft lace weight mohair. The hat is made using just the silk. I only used 1 skein of yarn for the hat and scarf. I ran out of yarn before the end of the hat so I used some Noro Kujaku for the top of the hat. It looks OK.
Mango Moon Silk
Mango Moon Silk Scarf
Mango Moon Silk Hat
I got a shipment of yarn today. It is really nice stuff. I got Super 10 in 12 colours. The colours are fabulous and this yarn is so nice. I have to make something with it. I also got some great ribbon yarn from SRK Collection Sari
and I got Ranee
I got colours 06, 12, 603 and 80 in both yarns. They are wonderful. I can't wait to knit a sample scarf for the store.
I also got my magazines in today. I am going to carry Interweave, Knits, Knitters, Spin Off and Handwoven. It was fun unpacking all of that.
I fixed up the store front window in red and white for valentines day. I will get a picture tomorrow. As usual I forgot the camera at home.

Thursday, February 03, 2005

The Mango Moon arrived

I went to get the mail today and there was the parcel from Mango Moon. WOW is it ever nice. So far today I have made a crochet scarf and a hat. It will be on sale in the store on Sat.
The store was very busy yesterday. Lots of sock knitters where in. I think the word is getting around that we have a great selection of sock yarn. It was a fun day.
Tomorrow I will show pictures of the Mango Moon Silk and the Pashmohair. My batteries died on my camera so I have to recharge them overnight.