Friday, February 18, 2005

Spring Knit Along Information

I have just started a group for Fun Knits knitter on Yahoo.
Join up if you are interested. Our Spring Knit-Along will be fun.

Yesterday I got a box full of yarn for the store. I got some Plymouth Stone Cotton in colours 207 Natural, 202 Sky Blue Tweed, 211 Lilac Tweed, 257 Adobe Tweed, 252 Grey Tweed, 288 Maple Tweed, 289 Indigo Tweed.
The 288 is my favourite.
I also got Sirdar Yoyo. I am putting this yarn on eBay later today. It will also be available in the store. I don't expect this yarn to last long. Is it ever nice. I am making hooded sweater for a 12 year old out of the purple right now. I love this stuff. It feels like a cosy light weight terry material when knit up. The colour flows into the next shade very slowly and looks great. I have the sweater nearly done (all but the hood) and I still have enough for a hat and scarf set left. 880 meters in one ball of yarn. Quite impressive.
I also got in 2 colours of Noro Transitions in colours 2 and 6. These are available at my eBay store
Also this week on auction I will have Regia Silk sock yarn, Bernat matrix, Online Flair and Kertzer Sari and Ranee. The last 3 are great for making spring scarves with.

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