Thursday, May 31, 2007

Exciting News

We have booked not just 1 but 2 knitting retreats for this year. Oct 26-28 2007 and March 28 -30 2008.
The retreat in Oct will be great fun. We are working on the details but so far it will be the theme Getting Ready for Christmas. We all know as knitters, hand knit gifts are the best and this is retreat is early enough to have time to knit something fabulous for your favorite person on your list. We will have demo's on many gift items. Watch for details soon. Lots to come since we are in the planning stages. This retreat will fill up quick so let me know at if you want to be on the list. Registration will begin in July.
No need to bring sleeping bags this year ----
The best news is where we are having the retreats. We have booked Tsa- Kwa- Luten Lodge entirely for both retreats.(We get the whole lodge). Go and have a look at this place. I was out there yesterday for a tour and WOW is it ever nice. The rooms are very comfortable looking. The food is fabulous and the setting is truly breathtaking. Go and look at the power point presentation on there web site. The cost will be higher than last years retreat but it will be worth the extra luxury we will have.
The retreat all inclusive (2 nights, all your food, entertainment, supplies etc) will be $260 based on triple occupancy in a loft room. You can book a semi- private room for $40 each extra or a private room for $80 extra for the weekend. I am working on all of the details but I just wanted everyone to know what is upcoming. I am really excited to be able to offer this retreat at such
great location. Let me know what you think

Sunday, May 27, 2007


We are back from our shopping spree at West Edmonton Mall. Wow that was fun. I bought a bunch of new clothes and some great new bamboo and cotton sheets plus a new quilt and sheet set and new towels for my bathroom. I spent too much and ate too much but it was sure fun. I forgot my camera at home so I have no pictures. Megan remebered her camera so she will send me some pictures and I will post some then. I even got some knitting done.
A great mini vacation. Mom and Megan had a lot of fun too. Meika was great as always.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

A 4 generation shopping trip

My Mom, my daughter and grand daughter and I are going on a serious shopping weekend. We are flying to Edmonton tomorrow and will be back on Sunday. I have always wanted to check out West Edmonton Mall so that is what we are doing. I think it will be a lot of fun. So I will be away from my computer for a few days so if I don't answer emails quickly that is why. I'm gone - shopping. The store will be open as usual but we won't have Web Cam shopping this Friday. Megan is the only one who runs the web cam shopping and she will be very busy shopping too.
Deb is going to be at the store while we are away.
This is going to be great. I think shop until you drop will take on new meaning after this weekend.
See you on Sunday and I will let you know how the weekend went. I looked at a list of stores in the mall and I noticed there are no yarn stores there at all. Imagine that!!

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Wonderful New yarn

I have some wonderful new yarn available on the web site . The Online sock yarn in 3 wonderful collections. City, Tropic and Summer Beach Cotton. All of the colours are great. Look on the web site to see the pictures.

I also have a great new yarn called Indulgent Socks. Can you guess from the name that these have cashmere in them. This yarn is 80% Merino wool and 20% Cashmere. What a pleasure this yarn is to knit with. I whipped up this little sock yestreday and have already cast on the second one. Now that really says something when I can knit a pair, one after the other. This is available in 5 colours. Check my Web Store for details.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Web cam shopping... today only, Online sock yarn Sale

Today only get new on line sock yarn for $10 a ball reg price $11.95 in store or Web Cam shopping only

Click the link below to begin your web cam shopping
Meeting: May182007 10 am - 5pm Pacific time

Top picture is Online Cotton Summer. The colours are more mute than the picture shows but they are beautiful.

The next 2 yarns are Online Tropic and City. Click on the pictures to make them larger.

hope to see you soon

Visitor at Knitter's night

It was princess. Meika has named the kitten I want Princess. She is only 4 weeks old so she only came for a brief visit. We didn't want her to miss her Mom. Judy is holding her in the picture. Isn't she sweet.
We did lots of knitting and talking. It is very soothing to sit together and knit. A fun night

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

An amazing sweater and socks

This year Cherry Tree hill came out with a contest to design a grament using Sock yarn and win $1000. I wanted to design something. I had a head full of ideas and tried lots of designs but I never really managed anything amazing.
When I met Mary Tanti at the Knitting retreat in March she whipped up a little multi directional Teddy bear sweater and then recited the pattern to me from memory. I knew then that she could do this yarn justice and probably win this contest. I got her all the yarn and away she went. We sent the finished sweater to Cherry Tree Hill last week and today I got a call from Cheryl Potter. She loves the sweater and feels it is a winner. The contest is still open for a few more weeks but I am hopeful that Mary will win.
If the sweater wins she will take it to the TNNA and it will be in the fashion show. WOW. I asked Cheryl if I could blog about this. She said sure so I want as many people who read this to leave a comment on what you think about Mary's sweater. Maybe it will help her win. maybe Cheryl will read the comments.
We are rooting for you Mary !!!!!

The socks are something she whipped up with the left overs.
Good Luck Mary

Monday, May 14, 2007

Indigo Moon

This was the nicest looking booth at the Fiberfest. Trish Moon the owner of Indigo Moon and fellow Islander ( she lives and works on Gabriola Island) dyes all this yarn and weaves beautiful items. I was so impressed with her yarn and her great booth. Check out her Web site to look at her great weaving and yarns. She dyes lots of the yarns with natural dyes. The colour of her booth was amazing. I just thought I would share it with you. If you are interested in her yarns you can email her as she doesn't sell on line yet.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Back from Fibrefest

Well that was a lot of fun. I will definitely go back next year. Here are details of our weekend at Fiberfest International in Abbotsford, BC. We loaded the van with yarn and left room for Megan and Meika and off we went. Meika got bored and wanted to knit because Megan and I were knitting. I gave her a sock I was working on to play with off course she ripped it off the needles very quickly. She then worked very hard to get the stitches back on the needles. She got bored with that pretty quick and then she said " Look Grandma - I can knit with my toes" It was quite cute. This knitting amused her for about 1 hour of the trip. She will learn to knit someday, it is in her genes.

We got Meika to work once we got there setting up the booth. She put out all the knit dolls, she hugged and kissed everyone as she put them out. We finished setting up the next morning just in time for the show to open.

There were lots of wonderful animals at the Fibrefest. Meika enjoyed the animals a lot.

This is Reimer - He is also known as the Viking Santa - He makes Drop Spindles, Nostepinde and Lace bobbins. This is a picture of Reimer spinning lace cashmere. This is the most unlikely thing you could imagine this guy doing. He was great fun to meet and it was wonderful to watch this big biker looking guy spin such delicate lace.

Look at this cute alpaca. He had a permanent grin on his face.
And there were shoppers and spinners and wonderful people.
I had a great time. I got to see 2 old friends from a very long time ago. It was wonderful to catch up on everything. I got to see lots of people who were at the knitting retreat and lots of internet customers that I only know by email or ebay names. To all of you a special Hi from Quadra. I met a lot of people who read the blog so I will make a better effort to get something interesting on here more often for you to read.
Then on the way home today we had a a nice Family reunion for Mother's Day. This is my wonderful family. We all met at a park and had a picnic. What a nice Mother's Day present that was for me.

I was a great time but now we have to unload the van - Uck!!. The next show is the Knit out in Victoria.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Want to see something cute

Here is a picture of my new kitten (maybe). We have always had stray cats adopt us and have never chosen a kitten. Megan's cat had 4 kittens 2 weeks ago and I would love one of the kittens. I really like the little black one with white face and black chin spot. This cat is also the runt. It is sooooooo sweet.
On the knitting front. I am really busy packing yarn to go to Fibrefest International in Abbotsford. I will be selling yarn May 11-12 so if you are in the area please drop by my booth and say Hi.
The next month is going to be very busy too. I am going to Edmonton on a shopping spree with my Mom, Megan and Meika the last week in May. I'm looking forward to that.
In June we are going to the Victoria Fiberfest and Knitout. This is going to be great fun. Fun Knits is sponsoring the knitout this year. Since we are the sponsor Fun Knits staff get VIP seating at the Yarn Harlots presentation on the Saturday night. I am looking forward to meeting her. Sunday is the Knitout which was very fun last year. I had a booth (tent) and sold lots of sock yarn. This year should be even better. So watch for updates as these events come and go.
Let me know what you think. Should I get the kitten. I already have 3 cats and 1 stray that we feed.

Monday, May 07, 2007


Just so people know I haven't fallen off the world or got lost. I am still around just very busy. I will blog soon I hope.

Friday, May 04, 2007

try our web cam shopping

Hello, its Friday again. And some of you already know about our innovative new Idea with web cam shopping. Some of you may not know about it yet. Click the link below agree then enter your name and you will see our store in real time on the web cam. There is a chat window where we can communicate. I can show you new yarns, patterns, or just chat about your projects.
If you wish to make a purchase, I can send it on Monday if you call in your credit card number or I will send it as soon as a cheque arrives.
First time web cam customer get 10% off their purchase and free shipping over $50.
So just click (below) to enter a new way to shop from your home or office.

Meeting: May42007

Hope to see you soon