Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Opal Sock Yarn Contest for Canadains

Opal Yarn distributor in Canada is having a draw Jan. 31, 2006 and the prize is Opal sock yarn. This contest is open only to Canadian residents. Sorry all non Canadians who read this blog.
1st prize is 3 balls mixed Opal
2nd prize is 2 balls Cotton Opal
3rd prize is 2 balls Opal 6ply
To enter simply send a picture of your favourite Opal socks and you information (name, phone#, email address) to
or mail to: Iquitos Fine Fibes
Box 205
Wilcox , Sask S0G 5E0
The draw will be held Feb.1, 2006
Good Luck to all who enter.
Your picture will be posted under "Opal Sock Knitters" on the Ladybug website.

Monday, January 23, 2006

Quadra's Shy Guy Knitter

We have a very shy knitter on Quadra. He loves to knit and does a great job. He came in just before Christmas and bought yarn to make this sweater. Actually he was going to make a small sweater but changed his mind and went for a bigger one. This is knit with Opal 6ply and Patons Astra for the solid, no pattern he just started knitting. Yesterday he bought yarn to make his first Aran knit sweater. He has never knit cables before but loves them. I showed him the basics of cables and I'll bet he back in a week or 2 with sweater 2 done.
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He is very shy that he is a male knitter. We wil help him get over that. He is teaching his wife to knit and she is making scarves. They make a great knitting team.

Friday, January 20, 2006

See how relaxing yarn can be

The first night of knitting class I always show different weights of yarn and different fibers so the beginners get an idea of what the names are (worsted, fingering etc)and the difference in the feel of the wools,acrylics and silk etc. Last night after I was done teaching and going to put the yarn away, Spot decided the yarn looked really cozy. This picture is blurry as my batteries died right after I took it but I thought it was cute and worth posting. Spot is a wild cat who we started feeding about 1 year ago. We couldn't even pet him at first and any noise would scare him but now he is quite relaxed at our house, even bold enough to sleep with yarn in the middle of the table.
Image hosting by Photobucket
I am still working on the twisted float shrug, I am 1/2 done 1 sleeve.

My friend Uli sent me an email this morning introducing her new son Jonathan. He is so sweet. Just a little peanut, hope she made him some tiny sweaters. Congratulations to Uli and family. Doesn't she look great for just delivering a baby.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Socks for me

This is the first time I have ever hand knit socks for myself, believe it or not. I have hand knit many socks but always gave them to someone else. They are so comfy and warm. I hope they wear well. The brown ones are Cherry Tree Hill colour Java and the ones on the needles are Opal 6ply. They are going to be really warm.
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I also have the back done and one sleeve started on the Twisted Float shrug. Here is the back before I started the sleeeve, you can see where the sleeves go by my wool holding the sleeve stitches. I love the colours. This is made with Lorna's Laces Shepherd Worsted in Watercolour and Charcoal and the trim is Grace in Blackberry. You can't even imagine how soft this yarn is. I hope to get this done this week so I will show a finished picture soon.
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Sunday, January 15, 2006

Fun Knits 1st Birthday Party

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We had a great 1st Birthday celebration for the Fun Knits Yarn Shop. We decorated the store with balloons and had a great cake. Mother nature smiled on us too and we had the first nice day we have had in at least a month. It was actually sunny out.

I am holding the cake and hoping it doesn't slde off the tray onto the floor in this picture.
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I think all of the Quadra Knitters came into the store. It was the busiest day we have ever had and the most fun. We even had a few visitors from Campbell River. Here is a picture of a few Quada knitters This was taken just before we got into the cake. Notice Marnie is wearing her Mango moon sweater.

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Here is a picture of Ming holding a birthday balloon. She has been the store mascot for a year now and she is always getting a new knit outfit to model. Since Meika was born she has competition, Meika is getting the better outfits but soon Ming will get Meika hand me downs as she outgrows them. She looks happy with her balloon. Notice she is wearing a pair of Opal Ladybug socks.
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This is what the cake looked like after all the hungry knitters were done with it. It was a really good cake by all reports. I don't eat sugar so I didn't taste it but it sure smelled good all day.

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It was a very fun day and we had lots of sales. Mom came over to help me at the store and I am sure glad she did.  Thanks to everyone  who came to the store and all the well wishers from a far, you made our first Birthday bash a great success.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Fun Knits Birthday Bash

On Saturday Jan. 14th we are having Fun Knits 1st birthday party. I guess it is actually and Anniversary party but Birthday sounds more fun. We are having an instore sale of 15% off all yarn. So for all the local customers this is a good day to stock up on yarn for the winter.
We are going to have a nice cake and lots of fun. Hope you can come.

It has been a great first year. Business has been great and I have met all kinds of wonderful knitters. I have learned a huge amount about running a business. I have a wonderful accountant. She makes sense of all my paper work. All I have to do is keep it and hand it to her, its a wonderful arrangement. I just handed her a pile tonight, a great feeling.
I have really enjoyed my first year at the store and know we will have many more. So come and help us celebrate if you can.
If you are far away and can't come, then wish us Happy Birthday in the comment section and where you are from. We will write a list of our well wishers for everyone to see and then you will be there in thought.
Thanks Everyone for a great first year.

Sunday, January 08, 2006

I will be away for a few days

I have to go down to Vancouver today and will be back Tuesday. For anyone buying from eBay I will send you an invoice when I get back, I will also answer and questions when I get back.

Friday, January 06, 2006

Basket of Sweatermaker

In my last post I mentioned Megan and I went to Courtenay to visit Judy McLean and buy some more sweatermaker yarn. Well here is my basket full of sweatermaker bulky yarn. I love the array of colours so I thought I would share it with you. Megan and Meika went home yesterday and it is so quiet around here. I have been singing Ba ba black sheep to Meika and she loves it and the song is stuck in my head. It is am appropriate song for me to sing except we change it to 300 bags full instead of 3 bags full of wool. 
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Here is a picture of Marnie wearing a sweater made with Sweatermaker yarn, looks great on her and holding her latest finished project. This is a baby sweater she made with Bravo Crazy colour. It is very cute. It is this Bernat pattern. I made this pattern with the Opal 6ply for Meika and it turned out perfect. 
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Here is the close up. She made the buttons on Christmas eve out of Fimo. I think they look great. I love the colour. Great job Marnie.
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Meet Dianna, she is our newest knitter. She lives in Northern California but lives part time on Quadra Island. She live 2 doors from the yarn shop and decided to learn to knit just before Christmas. She wanted to knit some scarves for presents. She learned that quickly and she is modelling her nearly finished scarf. She has finished several since she learned to knit. She also wants to knit socks, so we took a few minutes on Wed night and she learned how to purl and how to knit on double pointed needles. She went home yesterday so I hope she can find a knitter to help her with the heel.
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I posted the Opal Dreamcatcher and the Opal Rainforest in the Fun Knits EBay Store so if you want it they are listed under Opal yarns. The Dreamcatcher colours are great. I can see a few pair of those in my future.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

How cute is this

Megan and I made Meika a new outfit and she is trying it on . The hat and Toe Kozies are made with Sweatermaker yarn and trimmed with pink Baby Monkey and the scarf is made with Baby monkey. She hates the hat but loves the scarf. She is so quick getting the hat off we had to be very quick getting the picture.
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I love bare baby pictures so Meika happily posed for a few.
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We put clothes on her to take her out in her new outfit.

On the knitting front we made a trip to Courtenay today and bought some more Sweatermaker yarn for the store. I love her yarn. I love the way she spins the colours together. 

Also this week I am getting a new shipment of Opal Rainforest and the new Dreamcatcher. I have list the Rainforest Collection again as a buy it now item. I will list the Dreamcatcher later in the week.

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Highlights of 2005

Well I sure had a great year. Looking back it was probably one of my best years. My special needs boy was very healthy ( I can say that now that the year is over and not jinx him). He learned to walk with help and made great progress. He was only in hospital twice ( a record I think) so lets hope 2006 is at least that good.

I had 2 huge highlights in my life this year. Jan. 15th I opened Fun Knits Yarn Shop. This has been very fun. I just finished doing inventory and I still think the store is fun so that is a good sign. Things I have learned in my first year of business.

Always do the paper work right away, I am a hopeless yarn addict ( worse than I originally thought), I am in good company. There are a lot of yarn addicts out there and they are all great people and last but not least there is always room in a 300 sq. foot store for more yarn. I don't have any yarn hanging from the ceiling yet.

Some of my favourite times at the store -getting in new yarn and  knitting outside on nice summer days with Mom and some friends, knitting inside on rainy days with more friends.

I want to thank my Mom and Dad for all of the help and hard work. From unpacking a zillion boxes to ticketing and stocking the shelves when we were getting ready to open, to counting the inventory with me a year later. My Mom works every Wed in the store and while my Mom does the store my Dad works in my yard, he loves to garden and he keeps my yard looking great. They are a huge help and thank you doesn't seem adequate.

I want to thank all my great customers both  in store and eBay - without you I wouldn't have a yarn store. I have made some great knitting friends this year.
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The next highlight of my year was June 14th - the birth of my first Grandchild, Meika Layne Shaflik. Well words just can't describe how special she is. After 24 hours of hard labour Meika was born. I was there to hold her right away. It was very rough to see my daughter in labour but very worth being there. We stayed in Vancouver for a few days after she was born to help out and that was great. Since her birth I have had lots of time with her. Megan has come to visit lots and thanks to Instant messenger I see her nearly everyday when she isn't visiting. I have had a lot of fun knitting for Meika, this is my favourite sweater I made her. It is made with Noro Silk Garden out of one of the Noro books. It will fit her a while. I have lots of other knitting plans for her. I have a Baby Bravo sweater in the works that I need to finish soon so it isn't too small before I get it done.
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Another higlight of this year was the exclusive colours that Lorna's Laces made for the store. I love both the colours. The Blue one is called Quadra Island  and the brown on is called Fun Knits. I love Lorna's Laces yarn. It is such amazing quality. Image hosted by

As for my knitting I have a lot of projects on the go as always. The most fun one right now is the Twisted Float Shrug that I am knitting for someone. It is really nice and I hope to get it done in a week or 2. I will post a finished picture. It isn't easy to photograph on the needles as it is so bunched up.

I have the Batik shawl 90% done and should get it done soon too. The Baby Bravo sweater is 1/2 done. I got a lot of knitting done but mostly for customers, Meika and lots of store samples.

My hopes for 2006 are to have a happy healthy New year for all my family and friends and lots of great knitting projects finished.