Friday, April 27, 2007

Friday web cam shopping

Its Friday again :-)
Click on the link below to join us in the store and have a look via the web cam.
Meeting: 27April2007
I look forward to helping anyone who wants to look at yarns or patterns with our in store web cam. Remember you will get 10% off your first web cam purchase and free shipping over $50.
Hope to see you soon

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Knitter's night

Last Thursday was our month Knitter's night. We had fun as usual.

Darcy is wearing her first sock. She is new to sock knitting and has already cast on for the second sock.

Helen is wearing a beautiful sweater she knit from Cherry Tree Hill Potluck Bulky. I love the colours.

Deb is working on a vest of Cotton Patagonia. Turning out very nice. Too bad the colour isn't good in that picture.

Carol our newest knitter is working on a top down pullover. We are inventing the pattern from an old favorite sweater.

Meika is playing with knitting needles. She really loves my knitting needles. She didn't have any knitting done to show - can't seem to keep her knitting on the needles.

Friday, April 20, 2007

TGIF Web cam shopping day :-)

I am happy to announce that every Friday seems to get better with the web cam shopping. Click the link below to experience web cam shopping in real time. Get great customer service in the comfort of you own home ... or office for that matter ;-)
And don't forget I'm still offering 10% off and free shipping for first time web cam customers.
So come check it out

Meeting: 20April2007

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Weavers are lots of fun

I had a fun weekend at the Weavers retreat. I was 1 of 6 vendors at the retreat. When the weavers and spinners were all busy the vendors had down time. Of course I knit socks. I am working on my husbands Opal Autumn socks. They are turning out great. I even converted a couple of great weavers to sock knitting. Anna (sitting concentrating hard) had to learn everything. She got a crash course in knitting and purling and when I left she had 4 rows done. She will do great.

Jane already knew how to knit so she just needed a few pointers and she looks like a pro. Jane is a wonderful weaver and has a fantastic shop for weavers and spinners. I even bought a chenille scarf kit from her. It is time to dust off my Rigid Heddle loom. So I guess the conversion went both ways. The weavers inspired me too.
I also got a great offer I couldn't refuse to buy a spinning wheel. I will get it on Tuesday. I am going to keep it at the store. I bought some fleece from Joy. She has sheep on Cortez Island. I met her last year when I went to the retreat at Hollyhock.
If you are coming to the International Fibrefest in Abbotsford you will get to see all of these vendors including me. We are all going to be there. May 11-12. I wonder if Jane and Anna will have the socks done by then. I wonder if I will have my husbands socks done by then.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Blocking a shawl with a toddler

It was very fun, Meika had a very creative way to block the shawl. I finished the shawl a few days ago and needed to block it since I want it for the store window. Meika really wanted to help so since I wanted to encourage her knitting interest I let her helped.
I always use knitting needles to hold the edges straight. I have never invested in blocking wire. I figure 3mm and under needles are just right. Here are the pictures. The last one was after she went home. I forgot to get a picture of the shawl in the store window. It looks great. It is knit with Country Silk from Fiddlesticks on 5.5mm needles. The pattern is here. It is the same pattern we knit for the Teddy bear shawls at the retreat.


Sorry, Im getting a bit of a late start. There is a weavers retreat happening on the island and my mom is going to have a booth at it, so I have been helping her a bit with that this morning. I am doing the web cam shopping today so click on the link below to begin your fun knits expirience.Come and see the new NEON Opal sock yarn and with the web cam you can almost feel the lovely Cashmere we got in. Dont forget on your first order you get 10% off and free shipping over $50. Hope to see ya today :-)

Meeting: 13April2007


Here are some pictures from the Weavers retreat. It was fun tonight selling yarn. I am so out of my league here as I don't know much about weaving and spinning. It was lots of fun anyways and yarn is yarn whether you knit, crochet weave whatever we all love yarn. There were a few other booths I didn't get pictures of. They opened the doors and we all got busy no more pictures got taken. I will be there all day tomorrow too.
My booth is the first picture
Aurelea Wools
Pagen Creations

Monday, April 09, 2007

New Sock Yarn

First I want to show you the cutest Easter basket, then on to the new sock yarn. We had a fun easter with Meika. She had more fun with the fake grass and jumping in and out of the basket than anything. I will be cleaning up plastic grass for months. We had a lot of fun
The new sock yarn is Opal Neon. It arrive on Thursday and I am in love with the colours. I want a pair of 1934 and 1933 for myself. I also got in the Atumn Hand painted yarn from Opal. It is amazing. My husband want a pair of these. I told him I wanted to knit them by hand for him instead of on the machine and you know what he said. "Well I want a pair not just one." I think I am getting a bad reputation for knitting just one sock. That made me realize I do need to finish some pairs so he might just get a machine knit pair. We will see. It might be a matter of principle now.
Both are available at the Web Store.

Friday, April 06, 2007

Happy Good Friday

Meeting: 6April2007
Click on the link above to come and see Fun Knits Yarn Shop live on web cam. You can shop and chat and ask questions or just pop in to see what its all about. Hope to see some of you today :-)

When babies meet

The Mom's and Grandma's have more fun. Last week in the store we had a fun meeting. Keira and Meika met for the first time. Meika is 2 weeks older than Keira. Karen (Keira's Grandma) and I have been waiting for this moment since before they were both born. We went through the pregnancies of our daughters together and shared our knitting for the newborns etc. So this was a big moment. So what did the girls do - well what do any girls do when they get together in the store - They shopped. It was very cute. As if either one of them needs a new hand knit sweater.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Another original Teddy sweater and Happy Knitters

Thanks to Marilyn for emailing me this picture of her original Teddy Bear Sweater from the retreat. This is a great little sweater so I am glad to get a picture of it. The group from White Rock left before we got our Teddy bear group pictures. Here is the picture of the White Rock group knitting on the ferry on the way home. What a happy looking bunch. That is the only way to enjoy a ferry ride.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Mother Natures April Fools joke on us

I just had to blog about this. Anyone who knows where I live in BC knows we hardly ever get snow. Well we are really getting it right now. I can't believe it April 1st and its snowing. The 2 pictures, Megan and Meika playing in the snow. They made a Snow bunny. (Picture will be on the blog later. Megan has it in her camera.)also a picture of my spring flowers out in bloom. See the size of the flakes. This snow is actually sticking on the ground. Very pretty but I hope it goes away soon

New colours of Floral Spectrum Sock Yarn

We have some new colours of Floral Spectrum sock yarn list on the Web site.
They are Lilac, Lobelia and Country Garden. We also have something for the spinner and needle felters. Judy Maclean had some dyed tops for sale so I am offering them on the internet too. They make me want to take up spinning. I know nothing about spinning but I am sure going to learn soon . This fibre is beautiful. Go have at look at both additions to the web store.