Monday, April 09, 2007

New Sock Yarn

First I want to show you the cutest Easter basket, then on to the new sock yarn. We had a fun easter with Meika. She had more fun with the fake grass and jumping in and out of the basket than anything. I will be cleaning up plastic grass for months. We had a lot of fun
The new sock yarn is Opal Neon. It arrive on Thursday and I am in love with the colours. I want a pair of 1934 and 1933 for myself. I also got in the Atumn Hand painted yarn from Opal. It is amazing. My husband want a pair of these. I told him I wanted to knit them by hand for him instead of on the machine and you know what he said. "Well I want a pair not just one." I think I am getting a bad reputation for knitting just one sock. That made me realize I do need to finish some pairs so he might just get a machine knit pair. We will see. It might be a matter of principle now.
Both are available at the Web Store.


Holli Yeoh said...

Hey Shelley,
When Devan was about Meika's age we gave him an Easter basket with plastic grass. That was the last time. I was still finding pieces of it a *year* later!!
This year he and I made grass with our paper shredder and some old wrapping paper. It's easier to pick up afterwards.

Deb said...

That is one sweet baby! Lucky you!