Friday, April 13, 2007


Sorry, Im getting a bit of a late start. There is a weavers retreat happening on the island and my mom is going to have a booth at it, so I have been helping her a bit with that this morning. I am doing the web cam shopping today so click on the link below to begin your fun knits expirience.Come and see the new NEON Opal sock yarn and with the web cam you can almost feel the lovely Cashmere we got in. Dont forget on your first order you get 10% off and free shipping over $50. Hope to see ya today :-)

Meeting: 13April2007


Here are some pictures from the Weavers retreat. It was fun tonight selling yarn. I am so out of my league here as I don't know much about weaving and spinning. It was lots of fun anyways and yarn is yarn whether you knit, crochet weave whatever we all love yarn. There were a few other booths I didn't get pictures of. They opened the doors and we all got busy no more pictures got taken. I will be there all day tomorrow too.
My booth is the first picture
Aurelea Wools
Pagen Creations

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