Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Back from a great weekend away

What a nice weekend. We left on Friday night and it was really rough, windy and late so we got a room for the night and decided to boat down to Nelson Island on Sat. Good decision as the wind calmed down a lot and there was only 5 foot waves instead of 8 - 10 foot wave. Big difference in a 24 foot boat. Once we arrive we unpacked had a nap and then I put together the new Joy wheel. I sat out on the front deck of the cabin in the sun and spun for a few hours. I actually didn't get any pictures of me spinning or the new wheel. The Ashford Joy is a wonderful wheel. It spins just like my Ashford Traditional (which I love) only it can fold this up and stick it in a bag and take it places without it falling apart. I will get some pictures of it later in the week. I love it. Anyone interested in trying it the wheel will be at the store (unless I am on holidays).
After a wonderful night of star gazing and sleeping we went out on the boat to a great pebble beach near our cottage. The place was a farm on Nelson Island for many years and is now open to people to come and enjoy. The first pictures are of pebble beach. I didn't get any pictures of the way to Nelson Island it was too rough. Then pictures of our boat at anchor while we played on the beach. Our daughter in law Lorna was at the Island for the weekend too and she came with us to the pebble beach. This picture is her all dressed in winter coat and scarf on the way home with my husband still in his bathing suit was funny . About 20 minutes earlier her and I were contemplating swimming out to the boat from shore. I am really glad we didn't. It cooled off quick.
We had a nice fire on the beach that night and then the next morning we headed for home. I drove the boat part way home as I would like to learn to handle it better. It was very calm for the trip home. We only saw 2 dolphins on the way home, usually we see lots more.
You can see how much knitting I got done, not much. It was a great weekend. Now I have to get back to work and ready for the retreat.
I also have a bunch of pictures of Gibson's Fiberfest that I will show tomorrow.