Friday, June 29, 2007

Taking poll

Hello everyone, I just wanted to find out if anyone has found that the web cam shopping is something they would do again, or something they would want to try. I have not had allot of success with it and I'm just trying to figure out if its worth while continuing. I look forward to reading your comments
Thank you
Also if anyone would like to order Toe Kozies you can e mail me

Monday, June 25, 2007

Congratulations Mary

Congratulations Mary Tanti...... She didn't win 1st (she should have) but she won 3rd which is still a really big deal. She will have her pattern published by Cherry Tree Hill ( you can see the winners there) and her jacket is going to London to be shown at Alexander Palace. Not bad for a first published design. Way to go Mary. She has lots of patterns coming. The next one is reversible sock. Watch for that one.

We will have the kits available to buy for the Mitred jacket in the near future.

Kauni yarn Update. I had an email from Kauni this morning and the shipment was sent out last week so should arrive this week.

If you are interested in pre ordering email me

Here are the colours we will have available. The yarn kits are $60 for small -medium and large and $65.00 for extra large which you will have to resize yourself. Can't wait for it to come in

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Kauni arriving soon

We are getting in some Kauni yarn. I have ordered 2 batches. A small one that will arrive first of EQ ( rainbow)and then a larger batch with More EQ and more colours EF(Greys, blues, purples), EJ (beige, rose, brown), EG(purple - browns), EK( greens, golds, grey), EP( rust, browns). Since this is such a neat cardigan and I have never done steeks we decided to have a Kauni Knit along. I know I will need help with this process. Brenda is going to host the Knit along and it should be a lot of fun. Thanks Brenda.
There is a wonderful blog about knitting the Kauni Cardigan at Purlwise and Melinda gave me permission to link to her blog. I know I will refer to it often. She has detailed everything about knitting the cardigan including how to knit the first row in corrugated rib so you don't get the line of wrong colour.
I am very anxious for the Kauni yarn to come. Now we wait. I will have enough for about 7 cardigans in the first order and enough for 35 in the 2nd order. I will see how this does and place order 3 soon if it looks like we will need it. The price will be 0 .125 a gram for the yarn making a sweater about $60 - $65. Canadian or US. This could go up if I am charged horrendous duty but probably not. I have never ordered from Denmark before so who knows.
Keep watching the blogs for more details.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Party week at our house

This week Meika turned 2 and my special needs son Cameron graduated from High School.
Meika's 2nd birthday was very fun( I just realized Meika shares her birthday with Stephanie The Yarn Harlot, well that cinches it Meika will definitely be a knitter). Lots of kids, food and cake. She had a good time. She is having a second party today for more of the family and her little friends. She was so cute at her party. The picture is of her finger painting with her icing. Lots of fun. I don't have pictures of her opening presents as I had to share the Camera batteries to make her present work, Grandma forgot to buy batteries.
About Cameron he became an adult this year and is transitioning from school to work I decided the best way to document things is with a blog. So we started Cameron a blog. Check it out. It is called Intervention at it's best and this is because Cameron is Deafblind and requires an Intervenor to help him communicate. You can read all about his Grad party here. The picture is of Cameron and Willie. She is his Intervenor and has been for the last 8 years of school. We are really going to miss her.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Web Cam Shopping Today

It is a beautiful Friday here on Quadra. Come see our store via web cam, you can view yarn and purchase if you wish. Our web cam allows you to see anything you like in real time. Your first purchase will be 10% off and if you spend over $50 will will take care of the shipping.
Just click the link below to experience Fun Knits in real time, there is a place for you to type to me as well. Its similar to the msn chat windows.
Hope to see some of you today.
Meeting: June15007

Monday, June 11, 2007

A Very Fun Weekend

This was a great weekend. Victoria's 1st Fiberfest was a real hit thanks to Marilyn. Marilyn and her family did a wonderful job of putting on a very fun weekend for all the knitter's who came. It all started Friday night with a wonderful fashion show and dinner. The Dinner was great Meika even mastered chopsticks. She learned that you pick food up with chopsticks, drop it then eat it with her fingers.( thats just how I use chopsticks) The garments modeled were great. I especially loved the multi directional Noro sweater. I want one.

The next day I taught sock knitting in the morning. It was fun but I didn't get any pictures to show you. I was too busy teaching. I had 7 students and they all will be sock knitters.

In the afternoon I took a weaving class. It was great and I learned so much, now I reallllllly want a nice loom.

After the classes I met up with Megan, Uli and Brenda and we headed out to see the Yarn Harlot speak. She was very funny and I enjoyed her talk.
I think she took a picture of me taking a picture of her - what do you think.
We hung around and knit for a long time watching everyone get books signed then we took Stephanie out to the Canoe Club to have a party with a bunch of other knitter's. It was very fun. I was sitting beside this guy who just didn't get what all the knitter's were doing and what was the big deal about knitting anyways. He and his friends were a bit loaded so I thought it would be very fun to teach him to knit so he could get an idea of how neat knitting was. Stephanie helped in this and taught him the cowboy method of knitting. Now I had never heard of this method but it was very entertaining. It is certainly a method that appealed to these drunk guys. I think when they sober up they will have the desire to knit and not know why.
Look at the picture of Stephanie's knitting abandoned on my table at the bar, but I'll bet if I had gone for the yarn she would have caught me. I love that sweater and I am going to try and get that yarn into the store. It is wonderful and the finished sweater is amazing
The Knit Out the next day was - - well -- wet, wild, windy and fun. It took me twice as long to set up as I wasn't going to let 1 ball of yarn get wet. I had a lot of plastic and tarps. At one point in the day it was so windy that I couldn't even leave my chair as I was holding the entire tent from blowing away. I am not kidding. I sold lots of yarn and met lots of old and new friends. I gave out a lot of flyers for the Fun Knits Retreat and the Retreat that I am going to at Hollyhock.
Judy Frabotta who is presenting the Hollyhock retreat came with her spinning wheel and spun yarn all day. It was wonderful to visit her again and watch her spin, she looked so relaxed and made spinning look so easy. I am definately going to play with spinning and weaving when I go to Hollyhock.
So that was my very fun weekend. I realized something this weekend - I am getting too old to party all weekend and then function on Monday morning.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

It arrived in time for the Knit Out

Both my orders from the States. Cherry Tree Hill Supersock and Lorna's Laces Sherherd Sock yarn arrived yesterday. Yeah!!!. Quadra Island colour is now back in stock. It is wonderful. From this batch of Quadra Island. I am going to knit myself a pair of socks. Can you believe I still don't own a pair of Quadra Island, Fun Knits or Olympic socks. This is going to be my summer knitting goal.
Anyone who has emailed me and want Quadra Island it will now be available on the internet at the Web Store
I also got in quite a few solid colours as requested by my customers. I will be bringing all of the yarn I bought to Victoria to the Knit Out.
If anyone has any special requests for me to bring to the Knit Out please email me at I am packing today. Mary if you read this I have remembered you Blue/ Purple Kid silk yarn. This is going to be a really fun weekend

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

We are ready!!

You can start to register for the Fall Knitting retreat at Tsa-kwa-luten Lodge.
We are ready to accept registration earlier than I thought we would be. I have a list of names and you are all on list as pre registered so feel free to register now. You can register in several different ways
1 - Online at Fun Knits and just follow the links - you can pay with Paypal
2 - Print out this form and mail it to us with the information. If you are paying by check please make it payable to Fun Knits
3 - You can phone the store Tuesday - Saturday 10am - 5 pm Pacific time 285-2751. If we are busy and you get the answering machine - we will call back soon.
4 - If you are coming to the Knit Out in Victoria this weekend you can pick up a registration form at the Fun Knits tent on Sunday.
You can read all about the retreat and the lodging at the web site, I think this will fill up quite quickly so if you aren't ready to register yet but want to go on the waiting list email me at
I wanted to get all of this ready before we go to Victoria this weekend. I am taking the flyers down with me.

1 job done and about 20 to go before we leave for Victoria - See you all there

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Count down to the Knit Out

Next weekend is the Victoria Fibrefest and Knit Out. I can't wait. It starts off on Friday night with a dinner and a fashion show. Megan and Meika are going to be in it and I will get lots of pictures. Reminder - Pack the camera - anyone who really knows me please email on Friday morning early and remind me to take the camera. We will see if that help. I will remember everything else like yarn, clothes,knitting etc but I always forget the camera.
I am teaching a sock knitting class on Sat morning and I will be missing the Victoria yarn crawl. The afternoon I will be taking a weaving class. I will have to figure out how to get to the yarn shops in my lunch I guess.
The evening will be great Stephanie Pearl McPhee aka The Yarn Harlot will be speaking. That shold be a lot of fun
Sunday is the knit Out also going to be great fun. Hope to see lots of knitters there, stop by the Fun Knits tent and say hi.

Friday, June 01, 2007

Web cam shopping today

Getting a late start today, I think I'm still in holiday mode. I hope to see some of you today on our web cam shopping. I have all kinds of fun things to show off today. Don't forget, if you are a first time web cam shopper you get 10% off and free shipping over $50. Just click on the link below to begin your on line web cam shopping experience
Meeting: June12007