Saturday, January 29, 2005

White Buffalo Sale Day

Today was a good day at the store. Everyday is a good day at the store. I didn't post on Wed. night as I was too tired. I taught the first knitting lesson. It was a woman who knit 35 years ago and just needed a refresher course. It wasn't long and she was knitting like a pro again. Today was my White Buffalo sale. I think that yarn would do better selling in the fall as it wasn't that big a seller today. I sold a poncho today. It was for a 7 year old and is way too big on her but she loved it anyways. It is made with White Buffalo yarn and has multi coloured eyelash yarn knit with it on some of the stripes. She will grow into it someday.
Girl in poncho
I also made a hooded baby poncho out of White Buffalo and my Mom's doll Ming was modeling it for the day.
Ming in poncho
I got a big shipment in yesterday of Sirdar yarn and pattern books. I spent every spare minute today looking at pattern books trying to decide what to knit first.
I also got Carioca from Diamond yarns. This is amazing yarn, so soft and the colours are so rich. I sold lots of that today. I decided that I had to make something out of it so I started a vest for a baby with the red, gold, light blue and dark green.
Carioca vest back
This yarn is as fluffy as it looks in the picture and so soft. A dream to knit. It is 55% Alpaca, 20% wool and 25% acrylic.
This week I will take down the Buffalo yarn that didn't sell and put up the Sirdar. Anybody need any Buffalo yarn I have a bit to spare.

Saturday, January 22, 2005

Had a great day at the store

We had a great day today. I met a lot of new people. Many spinners and weavers as well as knitters. Mom came over and we both learned how to use the program to checkout customers. It was nice to actually be able to use the program that I spent so much time preparing for. It was a rainy horrible day here so I admire all the people who braved the weather to come to the store. I keep forgeting to take my camera to the store but I will remember next weekend when we have our first sale.
I got some knitting done today on the shawl I am making with the hand dyed yarn. It is looking really nice.

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Day 2 in business

Well it was a slow day. A few people were in the store this afternoon. A couple of ladies brought their knitting and enjoyed the store for a few hours. It is such a great place to sit and knit. My Mom ran the store this afternoon and I had it tonight. It was completely dead tonight but I really enjoyed it. I sat on the couch and knit. I hardly ever get time to myself so I enjoyed that. Busy would have been better but it wasn't. I decided Wed. evening would be a great time to teach new knitters. I will get that organized soon and start a small class.
Today I ordered Mango Moon recycled silk. It should be here in about 2 weeks. I also ordered magazines and some books for the store. I am going to carry Knitter's. Knit, Handwoven and Spin Off. I ordered a rack to hold all the books and magazines too.
This Saturday we aren't going to do anything special but the next Saturday we are going to have a sale on White Buffalo yarn. I have lots and a big variety of colours. That should be fun. I made my daughter a poncho out of Buffalo yarn, to keep her pregnant tummy warm this winter. It turned out really cute so we are offering the pattern, plus a child's poncho and a toddlers hooded poncho. I will post pictures of the children's one once they are done. Here is my daughter in her poncho.
Megan in her poncho

Saturday, January 15, 2005

The store opening went great

It went great. I had lots of happy customers today. Everyone seemed to like the store and were glad to have a yarn store again on Quadra. A few people came over from Campbell River to see the store. That was great. Brenda came. It was nice to see her again.
I have a lot of pictures so here goes.
store just before we opened
This is a picture of Mom in the store just before we opened.
store just before we opened
Mom knitting on the couch just before we opened
sock yarn wall

Here is all the sock yarn

new sign
Our yarn store just before it opened.
first customers
Within a minute of opening we had our first customers.
Brenda comes to the store
Brenda arrived second
Brenda in front of the sock yarn
Brenda is getting ready to shop.
machine knitting friends
Next some friends from the Machine Knitter's Club arrived

The day was full of people coming and going. We had a few moments to just sit around and knit and I finally got to look at some of the new patterns I got in.

Mom and Judy knitting
My Mom and my Sister Judy sitting and knitting for a few minutes.
Relaxing a bit
This is me relaxing a bit and knitting.

It was a great day and I am exhausted. I can't wait to open again on Wed. I love my new yarn store.

Friday, January 14, 2005

Ready or Not We are Opening tomorrow

I feel better about it all today. I got my sign today, figured out the debit, visa machine and it is all programmed. My Mom bought some yarn tonight and we used both the debit and the mastercard and it worked great. I still didn't get the cash drawer or receipt printer so I am going to take my home printer over for tomorrow. I need to print receipts. I will get some pictures tomorrow once the sign is up and just before we open. Now back to work. Don't think I'll get much sleep tonight.

Thursday, January 13, 2005

A bit of Panic is setting in

Well it is 2 days to opening and I am panicing a bit. I don't usually panic about anything but this is doing it to me. Here is what is going wrong so far. I haven't had time to set up or figure out the Debit/ Visa machine. My cash drawer and receipt printer haven't come yet. So all my high tech gadgets and I will be taking checks,cash, Visa and Mastercard on the manual machine and putting it all in a margarine container. I will have to give written receipts and use a calculator. How crude. Maybe no one will buy anything. Maybe no one will come.

The store looks great. The shelves are FULL. The bins are overflowing and everything is inventoried. Tomorrow we are going to put in the front counter, hang the sign, clean the store etc. etc. etc.

I think I have Opening a new store jitters. I think I need to go and knit.

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Made good progress today

We got a lot done today. The lighting is finished and looks great. All the sock yarn is inventoried and nearly all in the shelves. The only yarn left to inventory is my vast collection of eyelash and novelty yarns. Mom amd Dad came over and helped again tonight. We got a lot done. I am not posting anymore pictures until the store is cleaned up and ready to open. No more before shots.
I actually got some knitting done on Sunday. I started a pair of Silk socks by hand. I was ticketing the yarn and couldn't help myself. That is such beautiful yarn. I am making the pattern in the Silk Journal with the multi colours. I will post a picture soon. I just got new glasses yesterday and that sure helps the knitting. I can actually see the little stitches in sock knitting.

Saturday, January 08, 2005

It's starting to come together

Finally I am feeling like I will get everything done before the opening next weekend. I got a lot more done today. I am still not done the sock yarn but a lot closer.. I took a picture of all the sock yarn that is in the shelves so far.
sock yarn
Here is a picture of the patterns and needles so far.
patterns and needles
I put a sign up in the window today announcing that the store will be open next weekend. I had one excited visitor today who wanted a preview look at the store.It was fun.

I have decided that on our opening day 10% of all the sale will get donated to the Red Cross for the Tsunami funds. I was sitting in the store doing inventory and looking out at the view and I thought if we had a Tsunami that big happen here it would wipe out my house and store.
I am tired tonight and am going to take tomorrow off and sit and knit. Shouldn't work on the Sabbath anyways.

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Yarn Store chaos

The picture I hoped to post tonight didn't happen(my nice sock yarn shelves). I got a shipment of yarn today and what a mess we are in. Mom and Dad came over and helped a lot and we made a lot of progress. Here is a picture of my Mom and Dad, They are sure great helpers. Hard work, no pay and yet they still smile.
Mom and Dad
This is Yarn Store Chaos. I assume all new yarn stores look this bad at some time in their creation. I have just never witnessed it before. I am posting this picture just so you can appreciate your LYS more. What a mess. We actually tamed this mess before I left tonight I just didn't have time to get a picture. Every picture I post from here on will be better.
Yarn Store Chaos
My mom is deciding where to put what colour. Big job.
Mom filling shelves
Well I am not worried anymore that I won't have enough yarn to fill the shelves. I have an over abundance of yarn. My opening date will be Jan. 15th. I am certainly looking forward to that day.

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Still buried in Sock yarn

I got a lot more inventory done tonight but I still didn't finish the sock yarn. I got all the Opal done but the hand dyed and the Batik. Tomorrow I will inventory the Regia silk and the Patons Kroy and finish the Opal. I will do the Regia next and then I will be done sock yarn. My shelves are getting full. My husband got the track lighting in today and it looks great. Tomorrow I hope to get the sock yarn finished and take a picture of my wall of sock yarn.
I went weak tonight and decided to knit myself some socks from the Lollipop 1009. I wound it and will make them tomorrow night. I love that colour.

Monday, January 03, 2005

Sock yarn Central

I have so much sock yarn and it is hard to inventory. I spent all of Saturday doing that. My Brother and his family were visiting and they helped a lot. It was fun. All of the Opal yarn ( Magic, Lollipop, Elements, Batik, Hand dyed etc and every colour) has the same Barcode so to scan it into the computer I have to change the description for each colour of Opal and use the same SKU. Lots of fun. Once its done it will make the inventory easy to track but for now it is complicated. I hope to finish the sock yarn today. I also have to change my eBay templates for a lot of my sock yarn so I can post it tomorrow. I still don't know why eBay won't let me use the templates I already made. I have some new Noro yarn to list tomorrow too. Lots of work so I better get at it.
Once I get my sock yarn on the shelves I will post a picture.

Saturday, January 01, 2005

Happy New Year

Happy New Year and I am hoping this will be a great year. It is starting off exciting with the yarn store getting ready to open. It should open in 2 weeks if all goes well.
Here are some pictures I took yesterday
new light
This is the new light we bought for the store. I love it. This will be over the front desk.
baby basinet full of yarn
This is the bassinet my Mom bought for our new Grandbaby. We thought if we fill it with baby yarn and it will inspire some great sweaters and shawls. We filled it with Sirdar Baby Care DK and Sirdar Domino.
Starting to stock the shelves
The store partly stocked. Its a good start. I am hoping to get all the sock yarn inventoried and put on the shelves today. I have so much sock yarn so that should be fun