Saturday, January 29, 2005

White Buffalo Sale Day

Today was a good day at the store. Everyday is a good day at the store. I didn't post on Wed. night as I was too tired. I taught the first knitting lesson. It was a woman who knit 35 years ago and just needed a refresher course. It wasn't long and she was knitting like a pro again. Today was my White Buffalo sale. I think that yarn would do better selling in the fall as it wasn't that big a seller today. I sold a poncho today. It was for a 7 year old and is way too big on her but she loved it anyways. It is made with White Buffalo yarn and has multi coloured eyelash yarn knit with it on some of the stripes. She will grow into it someday.
Girl in poncho
I also made a hooded baby poncho out of White Buffalo and my Mom's doll Ming was modeling it for the day.
Ming in poncho
I got a big shipment in yesterday of Sirdar yarn and pattern books. I spent every spare minute today looking at pattern books trying to decide what to knit first.
I also got Carioca from Diamond yarns. This is amazing yarn, so soft and the colours are so rich. I sold lots of that today. I decided that I had to make something out of it so I started a vest for a baby with the red, gold, light blue and dark green.
Carioca vest back
This yarn is as fluffy as it looks in the picture and so soft. A dream to knit. It is 55% Alpaca, 20% wool and 25% acrylic.
This week I will take down the Buffalo yarn that didn't sell and put up the Sirdar. Anybody need any Buffalo yarn I have a bit to spare.

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