Monday, January 03, 2005

Sock yarn Central

I have so much sock yarn and it is hard to inventory. I spent all of Saturday doing that. My Brother and his family were visiting and they helped a lot. It was fun. All of the Opal yarn ( Magic, Lollipop, Elements, Batik, Hand dyed etc and every colour) has the same Barcode so to scan it into the computer I have to change the description for each colour of Opal and use the same SKU. Lots of fun. Once its done it will make the inventory easy to track but for now it is complicated. I hope to finish the sock yarn today. I also have to change my eBay templates for a lot of my sock yarn so I can post it tomorrow. I still don't know why eBay won't let me use the templates I already made. I have some new Noro yarn to list tomorrow too. Lots of work so I better get at it.
Once I get my sock yarn on the shelves I will post a picture.

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