Saturday, January 15, 2005

The store opening went great

It went great. I had lots of happy customers today. Everyone seemed to like the store and were glad to have a yarn store again on Quadra. A few people came over from Campbell River to see the store. That was great. Brenda came. It was nice to see her again.
I have a lot of pictures so here goes.
store just before we opened
This is a picture of Mom in the store just before we opened.
store just before we opened
Mom knitting on the couch just before we opened
sock yarn wall

Here is all the sock yarn

new sign
Our yarn store just before it opened.
first customers
Within a minute of opening we had our first customers.
Brenda comes to the store
Brenda arrived second
Brenda in front of the sock yarn
Brenda is getting ready to shop.
machine knitting friends
Next some friends from the Machine Knitter's Club arrived

The day was full of people coming and going. We had a few moments to just sit around and knit and I finally got to look at some of the new patterns I got in.

Mom and Judy knitting
My Mom and my Sister Judy sitting and knitting for a few minutes.
Relaxing a bit
This is me relaxing a bit and knitting.

It was a great day and I am exhausted. I can't wait to open again on Wed. I love my new yarn store.


Monica said...

Congratulations on your store's great opening!

Brenda said...

Hi Shelley. I'm glad I was able to come the opening, it was fun. I can't wait to knit up some of the sock yarn I bought, but need to finish the current one on the needles first. Good luck with your new venture, it is so nice to have such a great knitting resource so close to home.


Uli said...

It sounds like you had a good day. Congratulations. I love seeing all the store pictures and those of Brenda visiting at the store.

patti said...

Your store is so pretty! I hope it is a great venture for you. It is absolutely beautiful, inside and out.