Friday, September 30, 2005

Free Shipping this week only

I am offering free shipping on purchases of 400 gr. of sock yarn or more from my eBay Store

As with any sale I have to have rules so here they are.
This offer of free shipping is for the US only but I will reduce the cost of shipping in Canada and Overseas by the amount of the US shipping cost. I hate that it costs more to ship items in Canada than in the US.
I live in BC Canada and I can ship to anywhere in the US for cheaper than I can ship to Canada. If I ship 2 balls of sock yarn to Victoria, BC it cost $1.00 more than shipping the same yarn to Florida.

The reason I am having this sale is to THANK all my loyal customers and help with the purchase of your sock yarn for Christmas knitting. I hope you will take advantage of this sale and stock up.

I will blog later today with my lost post from yestrerday.

Thursday, September 29, 2005

I lost my blog post

I had a great post written and even some pictures and I lost it somehow. It vanished into cyber oblivion. I am too tired to do it again, so tomorrow I will repost it.

Sunday, September 25, 2005

I can post pictures again.

Thanks to my friend Brenda I can post pictures again. She sent me a link to Photobucket and it seems simple to post pictures. ( I need simple when it comes to computers) First picture was a picture taken this morning of Meika talking to me on the phone. She looks so cute I just had to share that one.
Image hosted by
This is what I am working on right now. It is a baby sweater for Meika of course but I will use it as a store sample until she grows into it. It is a pattern in the new Schachenmayr Baby Bravo Journal and knit with Baby Bravo Soft 

Image hosted by

I am waiting for a few more colours of this yarn to come in and then I will be offering this as a kit on eBay

Now to a funny story about my shawl I was making for the Legion auction that I worte about last week in the post titled My web site is down.

I made the shawl and it was huge so when I finally cast it off I realized just how huge it was. it was over 12 feeet long. No one could wear that so  didn't know what to do so of course I took it to Mom and together we problem solved the shawl. We cut it in half and sewed it togehter and left a neck hole and it became a poncho. I didn't get a picture of it finished but it was really nice. I hope it sold at the auction last night. If not I am sure i will get it back then I will get a picture of it. Once again thanks so much Brenda I feel in touch again now that I can post pictures.

For the locals that buy yarn from my store - I am sending in an order to Lorna's Laces. If you have any request please email them to me at by next weekend. I have a sample selection at the store if you want to come in on Wednesday and look at it.


This is a test post from

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Knitting and Internet frustrations.

I am computer illiterate. I must confess. I am trying to make a new internet site and am very unhappy with my efforts so far. I am a long way off opening the online store unless I get some help. I got a site running this morning that has basic
information so atleast that is better than what the site has been saying for weeks.
As for knitting frustrations. I have been knitting a shawl for the Legion auction next week and I finally got it done. I cast it off and it is at least 12 feet long. I couldn't beleive it. I am taking it to Mom's on Monday so we can work on it together and try and make it into a wearable garment that can be auctioned off.
Of course I can't post pictures yet as I am not sure how. The method I used to use is gone and I haven't figured out how to post them using my new internet site yet.

Things will improve. I need my Son to come and visit he is great at all this internet business and he can usually show me how to do things like post pictures. Once I am shown I can do it but I sure can't figure it out on my own.

On the lighter side
The store was great fun yesterday. I met a few new people and had lots of visitors in the store. Everyone is starting to knit for Christmas so the store was really busy. I should start thinking about knitting for the Christmas craft fairs soon.

Sunday, September 11, 2005

My Web Site is Down

For now my web site is not working. I have changed over to shared hosting and we are building an online store. My nephew Andrew in Arizona is helping me, the beauty of the internet. I am not sure how long the site will be out of service but I am sure it will be worth the wait. Sorry for anyone needing the free pattern. If you email me I can send it to you.
My yarn sale went good yesterday. It would have been better but we had glorious summer weather here. Who wants to think about knitting fussy scarves in the hot sun. I am knitting a large shawl to be auctioned at the Legion fund raiser on the 24th of Sept. It is nice. I am knitting it end to end , 200 stitches on 10 mm needles. Using Gjestal Naturgarn in teal and white I am alternating the teal and the white and a row of novelty yarn in between each wool row. I am using Online Smash Printin colour 114, Xanadu Matallicin colour 8, Jewels in colour 4 and Starlight in colour 4.
I tried to post a picture but that isn't working either. I kind of wish I hadn't changed over from a system that I know for something I have to learn. I am no computer genius that is for sure. But if we can actually get an online store functioning this delay will be worth it.
I was talking to a help line person yesterday and she said she couldn't learn to knit, she had tried several times but she sure was able talked me through my computer problems. I told her that if she looked at knitting as mathematical instead of a craft she could get it. I hope that works.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

New Yarn and Patterns on EBay

I have just list 3 new yarns and 8 new patterns on eBay.
These patterns are from Bee's Knees Knits
Holli Yeoh has given me permission to sell her great patterns in my eBay store

These are amazing patterns and knit up beautifully. If you look at my earlier post at the picture of the Wednesday Knitter you will see Carol's sweater is the pattern Ruby from Bee' Knees Knits. It is a really cute pattern and her sweater looks great.

The New sock yarns are 2 from Online - Sierra and Caribbean
The colours are just great and I can't decide which one I like best. I think I like 735 and 733 the best in the Caribbean series. These are the ones I plan to knit first.
In the Sierra series I love the 580 and 583 the best.

The other new sock yarn is the Regia Canadian Fashion collection. It has 12 yarns and they are named after a City or Province in Canada. The colours are great. they are very vibrant and fun. I am having trouble picking a favourite in this yarn but so far I like the Vancouver, Ontario and Edmonton the best.

I am offering all these yarn as buy it now so you don't need to bid on them just buy them. I am making this real easy as I now everyone wants new sock yarn for all those Christmas sock you need to knit. I have full stck of all the colours but as they sell you will need to email me to see if I still have your favourite colour.

My daughter can knit

Well try to imagine my surprise when my daughter announced to me she can knit. I made Meika a pair of really cute booties with a sheepskin sole and she loved them and wanted more in different colours plus she wants to make them to sell. She told me she could knit because she has watched me so much. So I showed her how to start the booties and sure enough she can knit and purl and do increases, decreases etc. She picked it up so quick. So here are 2 pictures of Megan, the first one she is knitting and nursing Meika, I remember doing that with her,maybe that is when she started learning to knit. The second picture is her first finished bootie.
Megan knitting and nursing.
Megan first finished bootie.
I am just thrilled she is taking up knitting. Nothing like having a baby to motivate the knitting gene in someone.
I made a little ponch set for Meika. it is out of Plymouth Outback and Mohair that I got at elann years ago. I made the booties with the sheepskin soles. Here is Meika in her little set. She loves looking at her feet right now and she loved all her new booties.
Meika in her poncho set.
Meika is now 12 weeks old. She is so much fun. They were here visiting for a few days and have gone back home today.
Yesterday at the store was great we had a lot of knitters enjoying the sun. They all had lots of finished projects but I had to take a group shot due to lack of time. So here they are left to right:
Marnie - is working on a sweater back, not sure what pattern but it sure looks nice and she had a little baby sock and hat set finished and another really cute baby hat.
You can se them if you look close
Ginny - has her first pair of finshed socks and a sweater made with Noro Silk Garden she is working on. Both look great
Megan - is working on bootie #2
Judy - didn't bring her knitting but she has new yarn so maybe next week she will have something
Carol - has her little Bees Knees sweater nearly finished. it is really cute.
And of course Meika in the middle learning to knit so she can surprise her Mom and Grandma someday.
Mom was camera shy and busy in the store.
Wednesday knitters.

I am in for a really busy few days. We are having a sale on Saturday, 10% off all the novelty yarns. I just got in a pile of new yarn that needs to get inventoried and in the store by Sat. Hopefully I can get it done today. Here is some of the new yarns. I have a lot to do.
Yarn order.
I got in the new sock yarn from Regia and Online the colours are amazing, plus the Llama wool, Llama angora sock yarn. Wow is it nice
I will post about that later

Can anyone give me a hint of how to center my blog again. I am not sure why it is over at the side and i don't like it but can't see how to change it. If you know what I should do could you email me at Thanks