Sunday, September 25, 2005

I can post pictures again.

Thanks to my friend Brenda I can post pictures again. She sent me a link to Photobucket and it seems simple to post pictures. ( I need simple when it comes to computers) First picture was a picture taken this morning of Meika talking to me on the phone. She looks so cute I just had to share that one.
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This is what I am working on right now. It is a baby sweater for Meika of course but I will use it as a store sample until she grows into it. It is a pattern in the new Schachenmayr Baby Bravo Journal and knit with Baby Bravo Soft 

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I am waiting for a few more colours of this yarn to come in and then I will be offering this as a kit on eBay

Now to a funny story about my shawl I was making for the Legion auction that I worte about last week in the post titled My web site is down.

I made the shawl and it was huge so when I finally cast it off I realized just how huge it was. it was over 12 feeet long. No one could wear that so  didn't know what to do so of course I took it to Mom and together we problem solved the shawl. We cut it in half and sewed it togehter and left a neck hole and it became a poncho. I didn't get a picture of it finished but it was really nice. I hope it sold at the auction last night. If not I am sure i will get it back then I will get a picture of it. Once again thanks so much Brenda I feel in touch again now that I can post pictures.

For the locals that buy yarn from my store - I am sending in an order to Lorna's Laces. If you have any request please email them to me at by next weekend. I have a sample selection at the store if you want to come in on Wednesday and look at it.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I'm glad to have you posting again too, I missed you!
What a cute picture of little Meika, she's going to love talking to Grandma more and more. Before long, she'll need her own cell phone.