Thursday, September 08, 2005

My daughter can knit

Well try to imagine my surprise when my daughter announced to me she can knit. I made Meika a pair of really cute booties with a sheepskin sole and she loved them and wanted more in different colours plus she wants to make them to sell. She told me she could knit because she has watched me so much. So I showed her how to start the booties and sure enough she can knit and purl and do increases, decreases etc. She picked it up so quick. So here are 2 pictures of Megan, the first one she is knitting and nursing Meika, I remember doing that with her,maybe that is when she started learning to knit. The second picture is her first finished bootie.
Megan knitting and nursing.
Megan first finished bootie.
I am just thrilled she is taking up knitting. Nothing like having a baby to motivate the knitting gene in someone.
I made a little ponch set for Meika. it is out of Plymouth Outback and Mohair that I got at elann years ago. I made the booties with the sheepskin soles. Here is Meika in her little set. She loves looking at her feet right now and she loved all her new booties.
Meika in her poncho set.
Meika is now 12 weeks old. She is so much fun. They were here visiting for a few days and have gone back home today.
Yesterday at the store was great we had a lot of knitters enjoying the sun. They all had lots of finished projects but I had to take a group shot due to lack of time. So here they are left to right:
Marnie - is working on a sweater back, not sure what pattern but it sure looks nice and she had a little baby sock and hat set finished and another really cute baby hat.
You can se them if you look close
Ginny - has her first pair of finshed socks and a sweater made with Noro Silk Garden she is working on. Both look great
Megan - is working on bootie #2
Judy - didn't bring her knitting but she has new yarn so maybe next week she will have something
Carol - has her little Bees Knees sweater nearly finished. it is really cute.
And of course Meika in the middle learning to knit so she can surprise her Mom and Grandma someday.
Mom was camera shy and busy in the store.
Wednesday knitters.

I am in for a really busy few days. We are having a sale on Saturday, 10% off all the novelty yarns. I just got in a pile of new yarn that needs to get inventoried and in the store by Sat. Hopefully I can get it done today. Here is some of the new yarns. I have a lot to do.
Yarn order.
I got in the new sock yarn from Regia and Online the colours are amazing, plus the Llama wool, Llama angora sock yarn. Wow is it nice
I will post about that later

Can anyone give me a hint of how to center my blog again. I am not sure why it is over at the side and i don't like it but can't see how to change it. If you know what I should do could you email me at Thanks

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