Sunday, June 27, 2010

Warping in the warm summer breeze....

I went over to Shelley's a couple of days ago and there she was ~ barefoot and blissed-out, in her front yard, wrapping some strands of heather green yarn around her warping mill.  She looked calm and happy, doing what she does best -- anything with fibre!
And this is what she saw when she lifted her eyes from the wool. Hard to see it from this photo but the ocean was in her view, and it was lovely, as was the weather ~ sweet and summery. 

Sunday, June 20, 2010

More wedding pictures

Bill a very proud Dad walked Megan the beautiful bride down the path.
Zachary and his party arrive by canoe
Meika and Shanti were very cute flower girls, they threw rose petal on the path. Shanti is wearing a small version of the silk woven shawl and Meika is wearing fairy wings.

They exchanged lovely vows they wrote themselves
The happy lovely married couple.
Zachary and Megan Zamisky
June 19,2010
May you both always be this happy

Perfect Wedding

The weather was perfect, the wedding was perfect and beautiful. Being the Mother of the bride I did shed a few tears. What a great day. Here are some early pictures. These are all sent to cell phones the better pictures will come later. Megan is wearing the silk shawl I wove her in some of the pictures.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Store is closing early on Saturday June 19

The store is closing early on Saturday June 19 for a very good reason. We will be closing at 1 pm on Sat as my daughter is getting married and we are all going to the wedding. I will show pictures after the wedding it should be great. Pray for good weather for us as it is an outdoor wedding.
I wove my Megan, Meika and theMaid of honor silk and rayon shawl for the wedding and will show pictures after the wedding.

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Cotton Stretch

We posted about the store's Cotton Stretch yarns on the website this week, and it got me to thinking about the last of a skein I have hanging around, left over from my socks.

To me, the stretch of this yarn lends itself perfectly to a headband. I'm just playing around with stitches and needle size, thinking I'll graft it at the ends.

I definitely love this yarn (Patons Stretch Sock in kelp colourway) for the slight stretch on it, and it should be perfect for a headband, so I'll keep you posted how this turns out.