Sunday, June 20, 2010

More wedding pictures

Bill a very proud Dad walked Megan the beautiful bride down the path.
Zachary and his party arrive by canoe
Meika and Shanti were very cute flower girls, they threw rose petal on the path. Shanti is wearing a small version of the silk woven shawl and Meika is wearing fairy wings.

They exchanged lovely vows they wrote themselves
The happy lovely married couple.
Zachary and Megan Zamisky
June 19,2010
May you both always be this happy


kate said...

Thanks for sharing. Love the fairy wings - perfect choice.

Rona said...

Thanks for sharing Shelley! Congratulations to your family. So happy that the weather was just right for the special day :)

Brenda said...

Thanks for sharing, what a beautiful wedding! Where's the pics of the mother of the bride though?

Deb said...

Shelley, this was truly a beautiful wedding ceremony, very moving, and with so many lovely details like rose petals thrown from little flower girl hands, and the small grassy hill the bride and groom stood upon, the canoe, the smudge smoke, and megan's veil moving in the wind -- she was exquisite.
A meaningful, beautiful family celebration - ya did great, mother-of-the-bride!!!!!

Deb said...
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Shan said...

WOW!!! I have been away for a couple of weeks and look what I missed!

Congratulations, and best wishes, to Megan and Zachary and Meika, and to you Shelley and Bill.

Anonymous said...

Nice photos, too bad marriage didn't last. Bride wouldn't have turned into a home wrecking whore, ruing families in addition to that one poor guy would still be alive.
He went to he for help with addiction and she took advantage of that.