Friday, June 23, 2006

Knit Out pictures

Here are some pictures from the Knit out Thanks to Jack. See what the sign was for.
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Here is Barb knitting a sock, she is wearing a hat covered in little socks. Too bad I didn't get a picture of that hat. it is really cute.
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This was sure a busy day. The kids really loved the fuzzy sale yarn.
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Megan and Meika are here visiting and tonight we are going to have another birthday party for Meika. This one is for all the Quadra relatives. Should be fun. I will get pictures.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

The New Lorna's Lace color is.........

I know I am a little late or else very early for this yarn to represent the Olympics but I went with it anyways. I have been talking with Beth Casey at Lorna's Lace for a while about this color and this is the finished product. I love it. This is a little hat and sock (the other one is on the needles) for Meika. Please let me know what you think about the color and of course if you want some it is on sale at the Web Store for $10. US and $10.95 Canadian for a 50 gr ball ( actually they weigh about 57 gr)
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I got in new stock of Fun Knits other exclusive Lorna's Laces colors - Quadra Island and

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Fun Knits
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The colors are so rich. I love Lorna's Laces - thanks Beth

Saturday, June 17, 2006

The Lorna's Laces is here

I got my new shipment of Lorna's Laces. I now have Quadra Island and Fun Knits colours again. I also have a new colour that I will blog about tomorrow. It deserves its own space on the blog. So check back tomorrow for our new exclusive colour. So here are the colours I have in
Fun Knits *
Quadra Island *
Child's Play
and of course the surprise colour*.
These will be in the store today. The exclusive *colours will be available tomorrow at the Web Store

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Fun Guild meeting

We had a great knitting get together tonight. I didn't get a very good picture. I bought out my knit Fun Knits sign to show everyone. Melysa was working on a dragonfly dishcloth . Helen is working on a hat so she can teach her students to knit a hat. She is ambitious teaching children who have just learned to knit, to knit on 4 needles, that should be fun. Carol hiding behind her sock is knitting a second sock, she is so disciplined. They are nice sock made with Meilenweit Mega Boots sock yarn. It is identical to the Gedifra Sportivo on sale this month at the Web Store. Marnie is knitting a lovely pair of socks for a gift and Deb is knitting a pullover with White Buffalo yarn, that shoud be warm. I was working on my Gedifra socks. It was a fun evening and we talked about knitting, what else is there to talk about. we are not meeting again until September. Everyone is quite busy or away all summer.
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Here is a closer look at the sign, not a very good picture. I will get a better picture of it in the daylight.
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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Happy 1st birthday Meika

Today is Meika's 1st birthday. We had a party with her on Saturday but this is the official birthday.  This picture was taken today so it is the official birthday photo. Isn't she a sweet 1 year old. Cute picture of Megan and Meika  - - just had to share it. 

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Monday, June 12, 2006

Guess What I Forgot to Take to the Knit Out

Have you guessed yet!!!! The Camera. When we left I knew I had everything I could poosibly need. I had checked and double checked and forgot the first thing on my list - the camera. I have asked people who were there to email me pictures and if anyone was there and has pictures could you email them to The Knit out was great. I was very busy selling yarn so I didn't get a chance to look around, but I did meet lots of great knitters. It was a nice day - a bit foggy and cool early in the day but it cleared off and got hot by the end of the knit out. A lot of people where there and a lot of wonderful knitted items were around. The fashion show was great. We got a Mom and her daughter to model the Pinwheel sweater. Hope someone sends me that pictures.
By the way I did get the sign done.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

FUN KN and 1/2 I done, Will I finish it on time?

I hope so. I have a few days left so I should get some knitting time. We will be travelling to Victoria tonight. Being tourists tomorrow and the on the Vancouver Saturday for Meika's birthday party. The Knit Out is Sunday
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Hope to meet lots of new knitters there. I am bringing tons of sock yarn, needles, books, Island Hues and Sweatermaker  yarn plus some great clearance novelty yarns. This should be great fun. I hope the weater is good. It is supposed to be if you can believe forcasts.  I will take lots of pictures and blog about this weekend wen I get back

Ebay auction will be on as usual but I won't be answering emails and sending invoices as quick as I usually do.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Fun and 1/2 a K

Well I have  5 days to the Victoria Knit Out and  4 1/2 letters to knit. Will I get it done ????
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I also have to pack lotssssssssssssss of sock yarn etc. to bring to the Knit out. Send me good knitting vibes so this will be off the needles and a real sign at my booth on Sunday. About the sign. The N is knit with Patons Kroy , I forget the colour name, the K is knit with Opal Tiger. It is turning out very Tiger like. The next letter N is going to be Opal Parrot, the I - Lorna's Laces Watercolor, T - Red Opal Prisma and the S will be Opal Royal in Purple. At least that is the plan for now. This could change.  I wsh I had a skein of Lorna's lace in the Quadra Island colour but I am all out of it. The new order should be here within a week or 2 but too late for the sign. I am having fun doing the sign. Next I have to figure out how to hang it up.

Monday, June 05, 2006

F U done on my knit sign

I have 6 days left until the Victoria Knit Out and I am knitting a sign for my booth at the Knit out. I have 6 letters left to knit so if I do a letter a day I will make it.  The F is Lorna's Laces - Fun knits colour, the U is Gedifra # 5768. I have doubled the sock yarn and using some tough wool blend cone yarn I had for the background. It is too rough for a garment so a perfect way to use it up. The picture doesn't do the U justice. It is green and gold tweed and getting more gold from left to right. Maybe when I get a daylight shot with more letters done it will show up.  This is my count down to the Knit Out. The next letter is going to be knit with  Paton's Kroy in pink , green and orange. Should be bright.
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Saturday, June 03, 2006

See -- I can finish pairs

Well Mom knit one pair. These are the old fashioned looking socks we knit for the photo shoot in New York this month. These are socks for Little Bo Peep, Jack and Jill and Little Miss Muffet. Jack socks are nearly done. I need to finish them today. Mom made the little lacy knee highs in white Regia Silk. I made the big shaped knee highs with Patons Kroy and the little socks are using the Eagle flight pattern modified (cast on 48 instead of 64) using Elsebeth Lavold Hempathy. This makes great socks. I am going to make a pair for myself and see how the yarn wears.
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I am knitting a sign for the Knit Out next weekend. It will say Fun Knits of course. I just started it so I will show it tomorrow when I have more knit. It is definately a Fun Knit.

Friday, June 02, 2006

Meika Pictures

Well I just can't resist posting some pictures of Meika. Next Saturday I get to spend the entire day with her. We are going to Vancouver for the day for her 1st birthday party. Her birthday is really June 14th but we are celebrating it on Saturday. Close enough. I can't wait to kiss those cute cheeks.
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The next day June 11th we are going to be at the Victoria Knit Out. I am going to be bringing the sock yarn to sell. That should be really fun. I look forward to meeting a lot of people in person I only know on the internet. I hope we get good weather for both fun events.
I mentioned I would post who won the Cherry Tree Hill contest. Here are the winners but no pictures. That was disappointing. I will post pictures once they are available. Congratulations
1st Place: Autumn Grace Shawl by Janice Kang who lives in California

2nd Place: Carnival Glass Shawl by Renee Leverington who lives in Iowa

3rd Place: Oceania Cape and Felted Hat by Laura Laurence who lives in California

Honorable Mention: Flamewalker Socks by Peggy Kasses who lives in Florida

I am most anxious to see the socks. I still have some sock yarn left from the shawl so I will probably knit those socks with it.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Sale Sock yarn for June

I have 2 yarns on Sale for the month of June Gedifra Fashion Trend Sportivo ( shortening this to Sportivo right now) and Bravo Crazy Color at Fun Knits
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The Sportivo is amazing yarn . If you like Trekking you will love this yarn. It is very soft and cushy ( if that is a term). It seems thicker than other sock yarn but once you start knitting it isn't. It is 70% wool, 23 % nylon and 7% polyester (elastic). This elastic gives the yarn a springness( probably not a word either). Below is a close up of the yarn. The colour changes occur on one part of the ply only. So in the case of this colour 5762 the denim blue is contant and it changes from purple to light blue to green and then back. The colour change is very subtle and flows. The sample socks above # 5793 I didn't knit but from the yarn it looks like the dark grey is the solid colour and then it has the green, gold, burgundy and purple changing. Can you tell I love this yarn.

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This is my sock. I hoped to get a pair done for the picture but I had a really busy few days. I will post a finished picture soon. This yarn is supposed to retail for $11.95 Canadian for a 50gr ball but I got a good deal so am passing it along. My regular price will be $7.50 and the June Sale price will be $6.25 a ball. US price Reg. - $6.50 Sale $5.75Great savings on great yarn.
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My other yarn on Sale for June is Bravo Crazy Color. Now I am not an acrylic fan but this 100% Acrylic yarn is an exception. It is really nice. I have knit several items with it. We have a the hat pattern free at the Bravo site. This hat was made with #81 and the little baby sweater (guess who that was for) was made from #86. This is a DK weight yarn and I used a basic Sirdar pattern for the baby sweater. I am going to igure out a sock pattern and will post it once done. My nephew is a huge fan of the patterned sock yarn but can't wear wool. So I am going to make him a pair of socks from Bravo Crazy Color. He hasn't to picked the color yet.
This yarn is regular $4.45 Canadian and on Sale for the month of June for $3.75 for a 50 gr ball. US price Reg. $4.05 Sale - $3.50

Go To Fun Knits - click on Web store and then shop in the currency you choose.
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