Thursday, May 29, 2008

Fun Knits closed today and tomorrow

The ongoing saga is ongoing. Due to a few medical situations the store is closed today. Can't be helped. I am hoping things will settle down in a week or so and we will be back to the normal schedule.
So for this week
Closed - today and tomorrow
Open Sat - and it should be a really fun day - lots of great sales - Mom will be at the store

Tuesday - the store will open at 10am for the spinning group for sure Deb is opening and should be open all day (unless we get more disasters)
Wed - not sure
Thursday - Deb will work all day - open 10am - 5pm

So if you really need yarn you better come on Saturday, Tuesday morning or Thursday next week.
It is interesting how things can change in life so quickly. I will keep you posted

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Calling all Spinners and Knitters

We need spinners and knitters to come and bring your work. We are having a knitting and spinning demo on Sat in front of the store. Please bring your items you want to show off for display and hang around and knit and or spin for a while. It should be a lot of fun.
I am sorry i have to miss it but my Mom and Dad will be there.
We are also having a sidewalk sale at Fun Knits on Sat May 31 10am - 5pm. The store beside us Hummingbird is celebrating their 10th anniversary in business so we are all celebrating. Doesn't take much to make us want to party. Actually the entire Cove is having sales and special plus the Farmer's Market will be on. We will have a tent out in front of the store and we want to have knitter's and spinners there all day.
This should be a real fun day

Store hours for this week
Due to staffing issues and medical problems at my group home we will have different hours this week.
Today - open all day until 4:45 - Mom is at the store and closing a few minutes early to catch the 5 pm ferry home
Thursday - open 10 am - 2 pm
Friday - closed all day
Saturday - open and very fun day 10 am - 4:45 pm

Next week I will figure it out when I get to it.

If you are curious what is going on the main employee at the group home had a heart attack on Sunday - He will be OK and will be back in a while. I guess we should give him some recovery time. The new staff isn't finished training yet so we will have a few weeks of uncertain hours at the store (can't be helped). We have been working short staffed for a 4 months now anyways but No staff is nearly impossible. My son also has surgery on friday so he will need a few days home with me to recouperate.
Wish me luck to stay sain over the next few weeks!!!!!

Monday, May 26, 2008

Life gets really nuts now and then

Many of you who know me know I also run a group home for special needs people as well as the yarn shop. Usually this works out fine and I can do both with the help of staff, welllllll this week and probably next week it isn’t going to work out at all.
I will update daily so people will know the store hours. Tomorrow we will open at 10 and have our spinning group as usual but I will be closing early tomorrow. I will probably close at 2 -3 pm depends entirely on my special needs son and his capacity to hang around the store!!!! Wed my Mom will be in the store so it will open at 10am and close at 4:45pm Thurs and Friday who knows. I am going to try and be open regular hours on Sat. Sorry if this is inconvienient for anybody but it can't be helped.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Sock Wars 3 Kill or be Killed

So what does the average person do when they are busy. Likely work on everything until it's done right. Well I am very busy actually too busy to accomplish what I need to so I gave up and joined the army. The Sock Wars army. What is Sock Wars 3 you ask - you can click the link and read about it or here is the short version.

Everyone who signed up for Sock Wars was emailed a pattern and the name and address of the victim - you then knit a sock for your victim and mail it to them. Once they receive you sock they are dead. In the meantime someone is knitting a sock for you and mailing it to you. If I get killed before I finish I must send the socks in progress to the person that killed me and they finish your sock and send it to your original victim. The last person knitting wins. SWTC is the official sponsor of Sock Wars3 and has offered a prize of 60 balls of Tofutsie to the winner if they knit their original socks in Tofutsie. I will never win because I was too lazy too go back to the store and get my yarn plus I am doomed anyways. My assassin emailed me to make sure of my shoe size. So here is what my socks look like as of Sat. Scroll down to see them. They are probably in the mail by now.

I didn't get my pattern until Saturday night and my victim's name and shoe size. I was supposed to knit this with Tofutsies - the official yarn of the Sock Wars but I forgot it at the store on Sat night so I cast on with Regia in Canadian colors.

I like the look of this anyways. They look like an explosion perfect for a sock war. I had trouble figuring out the pattern it has an uneven stitch placement on the 4th row and you need to rearrange the stitches. Once I figured that out I was OK but I did need to frog the first try and start over.

I will have my socks in the mail tomorrow morning. They are going to Texas. I will ship them expresspost so she will get killed pretty soon.

This has been quite fun. There is a big group of warriors on Ravelry and they are all talking about this. Lots of people are already dead and many more coming soon as lots of socks are in the mail today.
So I had a fun knitting weekend. I was really tired last night and my husband was disappointed when I went to bed instead of knitting all night and getting the sock in the mail this morning. He is much more competitive than me.

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Still at the Kauni

I am slow at posting to the blog lately. Life is tooooooo busy. I have been working on Meika's Kauni cardigan. I have the body finished and steeked and the buttonband finished. I did her buttonband like mine with a steek at the top and bottom. This method keeps the colour the same on both sides of the button band. I am now working on the sleeves - I should get this sweater finished this week baring all disasters.
I got in the Lorna's Laces exclusive Fun Knits colours this week - Quadra Island, Fun Knits and Olympics in shepherd socks and in fleece. Wow is the fleece ever amazing. The fleece come in 10 oz pack of 100% wool. My friend Vyvyan spun 2 skeins and I spun 1 skein of the Quadra Island colour so far. It is really nice. Spins very nicely. I will be ordering more of this in the future.
I will get the sock yarn posted on the internet later in the week with a new sock pattern from Mary Tanti.