Thursday, May 29, 2008

Fun Knits closed today and tomorrow

The ongoing saga is ongoing. Due to a few medical situations the store is closed today. Can't be helped. I am hoping things will settle down in a week or so and we will be back to the normal schedule.
So for this week
Closed - today and tomorrow
Open Sat - and it should be a really fun day - lots of great sales - Mom will be at the store

Tuesday - the store will open at 10am for the spinning group for sure Deb is opening and should be open all day (unless we get more disasters)
Wed - not sure
Thursday - Deb will work all day - open 10am - 5pm

So if you really need yarn you better come on Saturday, Tuesday morning or Thursday next week.
It is interesting how things can change in life so quickly. I will keep you posted

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