Monday, October 27, 2008

A very Fibery week

Last weekend I went to the Spinning retreat at the Kingfisher resort. I had a wonderful time and spun and ate and slept all weekend. I met a lot of new spinners and it was great to be surrouned by spinners and fibre all weekend. I shared a room with Brenda and she remembered to bring a camera so here are her pictures of the retreat. I bought this nice basket at he retreat to hold my Philosopher's wool sweater while in progress. I am finished both sleeves and have started the body now. I had hoped to get it done by the time I go to BC Creative expo, but the that isn't going to happen unless I focus better on one project.
I am busy with my new weaving loom. Diane helped me get it entirely warped and I am making great progress on my first blanket. The warp is Ranco Sock yarn and the weft is some pink mohair I had in stash. I'll bet you can't guess who this blanket is for. (Meika of course). I hope to finish this little blanket today and then get a new warp on the loom for 2 blankets later this week.
Here is a picture of my nice view as I weave. We have had a beautiful fall here so far. Cold but sunny.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Weekend Bliss

This weekend I am going to a spinning retreat at the Kingfisher. Lucky me. I get to eat, sleep and spin only this weekend. I will probably knit too.
See you Monday

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Winter Hours for Fun Knits

Starting Wed Oct 15th Fun Knits will be open different hours for the winter. Tuesday and Sat will remain the same 10 am - 5 pm, Wed, Thurs and Friday will be changed to open at 11 am and closed at 4:30 pm.
This is for several reasons but mostly because those are times when the store isn't busy. I have been watching the trends for the last few weeks.

Monday, October 06, 2008

What a great Retreat Weekend

We had a wonderful group of knitter's attend the Philosopher's Wool knitting retreat this weekend. Ann, Eugene and Susan did an amazing job teaching everything we needed to know to make a wonderful Philosopher's Wool sweater. The new designs are amazing and they will be shown soon on the Philosopher's Wool's new website, so watch for that.
Here is how the weekend went
Friday - people arrived and got settled in, then we had a great barbecue salmon and steak dinner. We met and introduced Ann, Eugene and Susan to all the knitters then we went to Fun Knits for a huge sale. We sold lots of yarn and sweater kits this weekend.
Sat - after a great breakfast we got to work on our sweaters. Everyone came with a cuff done and ready to start Fair Isle. I have been stumbling with the 2 handed technique for a while and it took me 2 minutes to see why. I was holding my yarn wrong in my right hand for it to easily flow.
I learned so much this weekend.
We worked on our sweaters all day, in the Afternoon Ann detail how to finish the sweaters and Sat evening we had a show and tell. This was amazing. Such talent. So many knitted items.
Sunday Susan showed us her finishing techniques, How to prepare and finish the sweater. A great way to pick up the button band etc..... By the way Susan has knit over 300 Philosopher's wool sweaters so she really knows this well. Most of the Philosopher Wool sweaters in the pictures are knit by Susan.
Here are some pictures of the weekend,
I am starting with what I knit this weekend because I think it is just great. I am going to love this sweater and I can't put it down so I hope to have a finished sweater to show you soon.
The next pictures are of Ann, Eugene and Susan teaching. Next pictures are from the show and tell.
Joan and Roger modelling Philosopher's wool sweaters and broke into impromptu dance. A very wild fun sweater knit by Leslie of Naniamo, Eugene's Nuclear sweater - great story attached to this sweater. Mary Tanti's winning socks (wish her luck).
Linda''s amazing socks - yes they match.
Roger's great hats
The Teddy's in their Fair Isle sweaters. Everyone got a Teddy bear and enough yarn to make sweaters for them.
The last pictures are Eugene and Gary ( Susan's husband) and Ann and Susan in the boat leaving the resort.
What a wonderful weekend and I can't thank Ann and Eugene and Susan and Gary enough for coming the Quadra and sharing their talent and warm kindness with us.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Huge Sale this weekend

Well I have been quite absent from my blog. I think this is the longest I haven''t blogged since I started this. Well I guess it because I am busier than I have ever been (anyone who knows me knows that is realllllllllly busy), we are short staffed at the group home again and that always makes it hard to find time to blog. I am also in the process of getting help for Fun Knits. This business got too big for me to handle without lots of help.
So the new people are Kate and Shanaya(bloggless). Kate is a knitter from Campbell River and Shanaya (will be a knitter again), she is definatley a fibre lover from Cortez Island. My Mom and Deb are still working at the store too. So between all of us from 3 different Islands we are going to whip this store into shape. There will be lots of great things coming for Fun Knits. So stay tuned!!!

Now about the sale. This weekend is our knitting retreat with Ann and Eugene Bourgeois from Philosopher's Wool. We are all ready and have a great group of people are coming this weekend for our Retreat. It should be a fun weekend.
We are also having a major sale at the store all day Sat. Oct 4 10 am - 5pm
Patons Decor and Classic Wool 40% off
Online, Regia and Oapl sock yarn 20% off
Everything in the store is 10% off
There will be lots of other yarns at clearance prices so you will just have to come and see what else is deeply reduced.