Monday, October 27, 2008

A very Fibery week

Last weekend I went to the Spinning retreat at the Kingfisher resort. I had a wonderful time and spun and ate and slept all weekend. I met a lot of new spinners and it was great to be surrouned by spinners and fibre all weekend. I shared a room with Brenda and she remembered to bring a camera so here are her pictures of the retreat. I bought this nice basket at he retreat to hold my Philosopher's wool sweater while in progress. I am finished both sleeves and have started the body now. I had hoped to get it done by the time I go to BC Creative expo, but the that isn't going to happen unless I focus better on one project.
I am busy with my new weaving loom. Diane helped me get it entirely warped and I am making great progress on my first blanket. The warp is Ranco Sock yarn and the weft is some pink mohair I had in stash. I'll bet you can't guess who this blanket is for. (Meika of course). I hope to finish this little blanket today and then get a new warp on the loom for 2 blankets later this week.
Here is a picture of my nice view as I weave. We have had a beautiful fall here so far. Cold but sunny.

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