Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Yarn Store chaos

The picture I hoped to post tonight didn't happen(my nice sock yarn shelves). I got a shipment of yarn today and what a mess we are in. Mom and Dad came over and helped a lot and we made a lot of progress. Here is a picture of my Mom and Dad, They are sure great helpers. Hard work, no pay and yet they still smile.
Mom and Dad
This is Yarn Store Chaos. I assume all new yarn stores look this bad at some time in their creation. I have just never witnessed it before. I am posting this picture just so you can appreciate your LYS more. What a mess. We actually tamed this mess before I left tonight I just didn't have time to get a picture. Every picture I post from here on will be better.
Yarn Store Chaos
My mom is deciding where to put what colour. Big job.
Mom filling shelves
Well I am not worried anymore that I won't have enough yarn to fill the shelves. I have an over abundance of yarn. My opening date will be Jan. 15th. I am certainly looking forward to that day.

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