Friday, January 20, 2006

See how relaxing yarn can be

The first night of knitting class I always show different weights of yarn and different fibers so the beginners get an idea of what the names are (worsted, fingering etc)and the difference in the feel of the wools,acrylics and silk etc. Last night after I was done teaching and going to put the yarn away, Spot decided the yarn looked really cozy. This picture is blurry as my batteries died right after I took it but I thought it was cute and worth posting. Spot is a wild cat who we started feeding about 1 year ago. We couldn't even pet him at first and any noise would scare him but now he is quite relaxed at our house, even bold enough to sleep with yarn in the middle of the table.
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I am still working on the twisted float shrug, I am 1/2 done 1 sleeve.

My friend Uli sent me an email this morning introducing her new son Jonathan. He is so sweet. Just a little peanut, hope she made him some tiny sweaters. Congratulations to Uli and family. Doesn't she look great for just delivering a baby.

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