Friday, August 03, 2007

The Kauni is here

Anyone who pre ordered the Kauni, it is here and will be in tomorrow's mail I will email you to let you know.
I have some left and it is available at the Web Store
The new 150 gram skeins are nice and they make it easy to match the colours you want to start the sweater at. Uli and Brenda came to viit me at the store today and we had a lot of fun picking out colour combinations for Uli's Kauni cardigan. we had a great visit and they got to preveiw all the new yarn I got in.
I got so much yarn in today I am actually overwhelmed. I got in 3 huge bags ( I mean Huge) of Briggs and Little, 4 boxes of Cherry Tree Hill, the Kauni which was in a massive box and some yarn from China. What a pile of yarn.
Tomorrow and Sat I will be at the Filberg Festival selling yarn for Sweatermaker. that should be a lot of fun. If you are in the area stop by Judy's booth and say HI.

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TrampledbyGeese said...

More Kauni yarn, how exciting. Not only that, Briggs and Little! They are my favorite and their singles make super-durable, albeit far too warm for all but a few days a year, socks. You are such a temptress (but in a good way).