Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Happy Birthday and Happy Retirement Mom!!!

*****Happy Birthday Mom ******

Today is my Mom's 75th birthday. I am not sure she will be impressed that the entire knitting world know her age but I think she needs to be recognized for it and should be proud of it.
My Mom had work tirelessly with me at Fun Knits from the beginning of the store. She has put in many hours of hard work and made lots of sales. She mentioned that she is getting tired of working and would work until Christmas. Well I decided her 75th birthday was a good day to retire. Not bad most people retire at 65. Now Mom can come and hang out at the store and knit.
We are having an all day party at the store with cake and balloons. She has worked on Wed. since the store started and I am sure everyone will miss her.
I knit Mom a shawl with Noro Silk garden and am working on her 2nd sock. I am at the toe on her Warm and Fuzzy socks. We have a tradition in our family that gifts still on the needles are still gifts. Pictures will come later.
So for all you readers in blogland please join us today and wish Mom a Happy Birthday and Retirement. Any locals - come in and wish her Happy Birthday. We have great cake, snacks - lights, heat and hot tea (we have power at the store).
We had a huge storm here on the weekend and most people are still without power. hmm - I guess the ones without power won't get this today. Oh well leave belated greetings.


Shan said...

A very Happy Birthday to your Mom! The first two times we came over to the store, you weren't there and she helped us instead. She even said what a shame it was that we hadn't met up on the ferry, or she would have given the kids and me a ride up the hill!

She was so nice, and generous with her time...I'm glad she will have lots of time to hang out and knit, now. Good for her!

Peg-woolinmysoup said...

Happy Birthday, Mom. Enjoy your retirement. Now you can knit and crochet to your heart's content, enjoy the children/grandchildren/great grandchildren and never have to operate a computer driven cash register ever again! Sounds good to me!

Heather said...

Wish I could have been there - but special greetings and good wishes from Vancouver! Look forward to visiting the store one of these days!

Brenda said...

Happy birthday and happy retirement Donna! Really have enjoyed getting to know you through the store. I always love your sense of humour. Hope to still run into you from time to time.

Les said...

Happy Birthday, Mom! Now you can relax and just enjoy the store and the customers who come to knit. You share your birthday with my sister and I just finished calling her for her Birthday.

Fun Knits said...

Happy Birthday !!!!!! to the BEST Mom in the whole WORLD!!!! I Love You so much Mom and hope You have a wonderful time at work today. I am sorry I could not be there but with this cold I have you may be happy I am at home LOL....
I knew about the retirement and I also know you too....... I bet they will see you still working and I also bet on the same day too. Knitting is like Heaven to you and always will be... You other then being the BEST Mom You also are a GREAT knitter !!!!
Happy 75th Birthday Mom
Hugs and Kisses.... Judy

Fun Knits said...

This one is from Laurie
Happy Birthday From Your New Baby Daughter
You are just too cute to be 75 this year !!!!
Hugs and Loads of Kisses
Luv Lori xoxoxo
I was once told that life dosen't start until you turn 40, so that means your only really 35!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to your Mom - a few days late!!!!

It was sooooo fun to spend time with you last week. Wish I could do that more often.


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday to your Mom and Happy Retirement too! Unfortunately, I did not meet your Mom when I was in the store in September, perhaps I will have the pleasure next time I'm in town. Although she is retiring, I am sure she will be often in the shop if I can go by other people's comments. I wish your Mom many happy and healthy returns of the day.

Tina in Toronto