Thursday, July 19, 2007

I am loving knitting the Kauni cardigan

I am really enjoying knitting the Kauni cardigan. I just can't put it down. Too bad I don't have more time to knit. This sweater would be done very quickly. It is so neat to watch the colours emerge
I wish I could take the next 2 weeks off and go to my cottage and sit and knit. No such luck so I will just steal any chance I get to knit on it. I have 2 more orders of the yarn coming in. Why 2 orders you ask instead of 1 big one. The company seems to only ship 30 KG at a time to Canada. So we are getting 60 KG of this yarn in. Over 1/2 in EQ and the rest will be the same colours we have and 2 new ones ES and ET a red one and a denim one. I will show pictures once it arrives. I am continuing to presell the yarn.
You may wonder why I am preselling only to people who email me. Well this way I can make sure I have contact before hand everyone who is interested in the yarn and that they know it won't be shipped until it arrives. Also I don't want to miss anything by accident.
So if you want Kauni EQ you can pre order by emailing me at
I still have a few of the EP and EJ left in XL and XXL sizes.


Shan said...

Beautiful Shelley!

I am still loving the beige/pink. I'll come over and see your new shipments when they arrive!

Anonymous said...

Hi Shelley,
Got my yarn on Monday.Thanks. Haven't got it wound yet but will do so tomorrow.Can't wait to see post of new colors.