Monday, October 29, 2007

Fun Knits Fall Knitting Retreat

Where do I begin - At the beginning I guess.

People started arriving about 3 pm on Friday as they arrived they were given tooth picks and a small ball of Hempathy yarn (just in case they forgot their knitting) They were asked to knit something using only the tooth picks and to show it on Sunday.

We had a nice Salmon buffet supper and then introductions. Then some of us went to the Yarn shop. Lots of yarn found new homes this weekend.

Sat Morning we went to the conference room and shared out ideas for some Christmas knitting.

Mom showed how to make her crochet top towels. Carol showed how to make socks with Briggs and Little Tuffy. Our little snowman is knitting his own scarf. We had a knitting snowman for everyone to assemble. Kathy was showing how to make end-to -end scarves and had a sample bracelet people could knit. Lynn came with her yarn to sell and her little sock ornament to make.

I had a Waffle weave washcloth made with Hempathy or cotton and a mitered Christmas ormnament to knit. Also a hat and leg warmers made of Bravo crazy colour.

Megan had her Toe Kozies and kits - they were a big hit.
There was lots of sitting around knitting. This year Roger let his wife Rachel come. She spins yarn for Roger to knit but she has also taken up knitting. They had lots of fun.

We ate, ate, ate all weekend. Plenty of food and it was all great. On Sat night we had Prime Rib buffet. After the dinner we were entertained by Hal Douglas and Friend's band. They were just wonderful. It was great to sit and knit to a live band. This was quite a treat. I think we were a different crowd than they are used to.
We played with yarn a lot. We had a couple of circle knits. We got 8 people together and all knit in a large circle on the same item using circular needles. Then when finished we all put our name tags in a bag and drew who the winner was. Penny won the first one and Jackie won the second one. These circle knits are quite fun.

Sunday morning we had a show and tell. Lots of wonderful garments. I couldn't get my camera to work right so I didn't get many pictures of this.

Remember the little balls of yarn and tooth picks I told you about. Well here is some of the finished items. These knitters are very talented and such good sports. Our final picture is the entire group of knitters at the Fall retreat. I will send you all a copy of this picture later this week once I get unpacked and the store back in shape.
Thanks to everyone who came and made the Retreat such a fun success.

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TrampledbyGeese said...

Oh, that looks like fun. I'm sorry I had to stay home and study for an exam.

Finished my Kauni at last. Photos are on my blog. Washing it really seems to make the wool soften up and the colours come alive.