Monday, April 07, 2008

Another Retreat is Over

Everyone had a great time. The retreat started on friday after everyone arrived we had a wonderful Salmon dinner. After dinner we met in the great room for introductions and a summary of the weekend. Then we all went to the store and shopped, It was fun. My husband make great snacks and stayed and played his guitar while people shopped. It was a nice evening.

Saturday was workshop day and was quite busy. I sat in on the spinning workshop and tried out a different wheel. I spun some white merino in lace weight. The new spinners all met with the usual frustration of spinning the wheel the wrong way and breaking the yarn etc - - - but they all learned lots and I saw a few skeins of handspun at the end of the day.

In the afternoon I took the dyeing workshop with Judy Maclean. We did 2 water bath dyes - one on bamboo merino and the other on merino nylon.

Then the most fun was to do a microwave hand painted skein. We were all give red, blue, yellow and none of the skeins looked the same. Lots of colour blending and shading going on.

This was really fun and exciting to see the finished results.

After a wonderful chicken dinner we watched Holli Yeoh' presentation. We had a mini fashion show of her garments on 5 cute kids. They really did a good job. Holli's presentation was wonderful and very inspiring. Everyone really enjoyed this.

Sunday morning after a massive breakfast we all waddles downstairs for the Show and tell. What talent. Amazing knitting, just amazing. After everyone had a good look at the garments we had lunch and said Good bye until Oct.

Yes we are having another Retreat in October. I will blog about this in greater detail soon but just make sure to mark Oct 3rd weekend off your calendar.

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