Monday, November 10, 2008

Back from BC Creative Expo

We are back from the show and had a nice time down in Vancouver. It was nice to see all our kids. Time in the hectic city really makes me appreciate the nice quiet place I live. When we arrived in Campbell River last night there was no traffic and it was peaceful and wonderful. Then we got on the ferry to Quadra and it was even more peaceful on Quadra. I am not a city person at all. We stayed at a hotel near BC place Stadium and there were 3 hockey games in town so it was very busy and noisy.
The BC Creative Expo was disappointing. I didn't like it at Canada Place as much as in Abbotsford. Last year when they announced that the show would be at Canada Place I imagined it would be posh and nice not like a cold warehouse but it was a big noisy cold warehouse.
In spite of that we had fun and sold lots of yarn. This was my least busy show and the show where I had the most help.
Vyvyan from Quadra Island was there the first day and she spun all day at the booth and helped sell yarn, Kathy from Campbell River came and did the Make and take table with people. They made little end to end bookmarks like her end to end scarves she sells. This was quite popular. She actually taught several people to knit also. Megan came fro most of the time and helped out. She sold lots of her Toe Kozies and shopped lots also. She loves making cards so there was a lot of fun make and takes fr her to do. We had a lot of fun and it was nice to have company at the booth when it was quiet. Here are some pictures from the show.
This scarf was knit in freeform and it is fabulous. I am sorry I don't have the persons name but I know she is from Salt Spring Island. What a beautiful scarf. She wore other amazing knitting all weekend. Some people are so talented. I met lots of great people and had fun over all.
Here are a few pictures of my booth and the last pictures are to show you how amazing my husband is at organizing a load.
Here is our van already 1/2 full of stuff and then a picture of what needed to go in next. It all fit plus we had room for our luggage, the Ashford joy wheel and us.
Now I have to get busy and get the store loaded again.


Anonymous said...

That scarf is AWESOME!!
Sorry the Expo wasn't so wonderful.

Shan said...

"room for the Ashford Joy" the way if you ever wake up in the morning and find somebody has broken into the shop and swiped that spinning wheel, it'll be me. Sorry, in advance.

Too bad the expo was disappointing...

Anonymous said...

I would have come had it been in Abbotsford. I just had too much going on. I wish I could have seen you though. :-)

Talk to you soon.