Thursday, February 26, 2009

a quick post.....

As you know, Shelley and Kate and dozens of women (not sure if there are any male knitters on this KAL) from around the planet are simultaneously knitting their lovely kauni shawls.  Although I'm not knitting with them I thought I'd share a couple of kauni yarn photos I found in my Fun Knits photo stash. 

The beautiful garments below belong to Mary Tanti, a unique designer from Salt Spring Island.  She uses Kauni yarn to illustrate her love of geometric arrangements.

And below is a small slice of the Fun Knits Kauni wool section - a gorgeous assortment of deeply saturated colours.

Kudos for the kauni KAL knitters!


Anonymous said...

April 2008, we visited B.C. and Fun Knits. I saw Mary's sweaters on your wall and fell in love. I am afraid to tackle one of her designs as I need only about a 38 inch size and would have to change the sizing considerably to fit me. Does Mary have any tips for size changes and/or any different sizes added to her collection?

Deb said...

Hi Brenda,
Mary gave Shelley rough drafts of the patterns, however, Shelley says they need work - they are not ready to distribute. I'll give you Mary Tanti's email address and you can discuss your questions with her.
Contact us if you need to.
Take care,