Monday, May 18, 2009

Fun Knits would like to introduce Sharron Hatelt's W.A.R.P.

W.A.R.P. (Weavers' Action Revival Project) involves reviving the tradition of weaving, rejuvenating old looms, and reducing the stash of yarns into items that will benefit the community. 

Some aspects of the project will be:
free handwoven scarves and blankets based on self-assessed need;
blankets and shawls for auction at community fundraisers;
as well as public weaving to encourage and enlighten folks about this wonderful craft.

The 2009 Quadra Island W.A.R.P. summer project will also include hand-spinning and knitted articles. We will set ourselves up at the Farmer's Market in Quathiaski Cove where items will either be given away, or if sold, all monies will be donated to charities on Quadra or Vancouver Island.

Pictured below is Sharron Hatelt of Adalia Fibre Arts Studio (standing happily beside her new Saori loom), the visionary founder of W.A.R.P.  
Sharron is one of the spinning teachers at the Fun Knits Tuesday morning spinning group.
Carol (below with her hands clasped joyfully together) and I joined Sharron soon after she began W.A.R.P.  Carol says, "Sharron is the kite, and we are the ribbons."  The three of us (with help from supportive others including Barry, Sharron's husband, who bought this awesome red tent for the endeavor) brought equipment and fibre to the market and set ourselves up for the first time this past Saturday.
Carol brought her traveling wheel and spun in rhythmic beauty for pretty much the full four hours while I wove donated rainbow acrylic on the handloom, and Sharron wove an exquisite art piece on her Saori loom. 

Shelley came by to visit us and donated several beautiful hand knitted hats.

Pictured below, Carol holds open the label we attach to the scarves and knitted items. On left, the label states that all monies collected will go to charities on Quadra or Vancouver Island. The right says, "Pay a little, pay a lot, pay what you want, pay what you got."

Sharron's inspiration to start this project comes from Travis Meinolf.
Here are two of Carol's adorable, hand-knitted Baby Surprise Jackets. She knit them with sock yarn.
The first sweater went to this sweet little heart of a boy, and the second went to one of our local doctors who spends many months of the year donating her time and medical skills to people in India.

The Farmer's Market happens every Saturday morning 10:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. from May 16th until sometime in early October.
Come and join us at the red tent.
We hope to see you there!

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