Monday, June 22, 2009

Victoria Fibre Fest

We are back from the Victoria Fibrefest and had a very good time. We went down on Thursday and spent friday just shopping and looking around Victoria. It is such a nice city to visit. On Friday night we went to the fashion show and dinner. The fashion show was excellent. Lots of fibre talent. Some amazing item in the fashion show. Mary Tanti's Mobius Entralac scarf knit with Noro Kureyon Sock yarn. It is a work of art. Catherine wove this teal blouse from strips of fabric. She also knit the white and pink tank top to match the skirt from strips of fabric the same as the skirt was knit from. The green dress was a show stopper. It is done with felting and silk fusion. Marilyn if you read this can you add the designers name in the comments please. I forgot.
My Mom's Revontuli knit with Kauni EQ was well displayed in the fashion show.
On Saturday, I taught sock knitting. This went great but I only had 1 student. It was nice to just have a 1-1 time with this new sock knitter. She did a great job.
Saturday afternoon we shopped again then in the evening we had a Round table discussion. This was nice to just sit and chat with a few knitters about our favourite topic, knitting, and all fibre related things.

Sunday was the Knit Out at Saxe Point park. I am always nervous of the weather for this event. It is scary to subject $1000.'s worth of yarn to whatever weather might happen. We had rain for about 5 minutes just after we got set up and then sun the rest of the day. It got quite windy in the afternoon but that was OK. The rain is the real problem and it was brief. So lucky us. Lots of people came and bought yarn. I left a lot of Kauni and sock yarn especially in Victoria.
Here are some pictures of the event. The picture of the baby was very cute. She was just loving the Kauni and then decided she needed to take that ball home with her so she popped it in her stroller. I love to see the very young knitters to be.
Brenda wearing her lovely Kauni is shopping for a new sweaters worth of yarn. She bought EF for her next sweater. Our view for the day was pretty easy to take. It was a nice weekend and I had fun.


kate said...

Great pictures, Shelley. Glad you had fun!

Dina said...

:sniff: wish I could have been there! I'm putting this on my calendar for next year for sure. Looks like you all had a wonderful time and I'm happy for you that the weather held up.