Sunday, January 03, 2010

Keeping Warm

I finished up my Christmas knitting on December 24th. I had been making Mr. Kate a neckwarmer, but could only do it as stealth knitting when he was at work. Luckily I cast off and sewed in the ends at 1:30 on the 24th. Phew!

This is a simple 2x2 neckwarmer, done in Koigu KFM, colourway 300. I cast on 120 stitches on a size 2mm and worked the 2x2 rib for about 7 inches. Then I slightly flared the neckline by k2,m1,p2,k2,p2 around. I then worked k3,p2,k2,p2 for about an inch, and then repeated the increase row on the other k2 section. Then I worked k3,p2,k3,p2 for about one and a half inches and cast off in pattern. I used slightly less than half the skein in my estimation.

The flare at the bottom helps the neckwarmer sit snug under a jacket, which is important when you are riding a motorcycle, as the wind will quickly blow anything not tucked in!

The fit turned out great, and Mr. Kate is all ready to start riding in the early spring.

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