Thursday, March 04, 2010

Where inspiration dwells......

I was walking along the beach at Rebecca Spit a couple of mornings ago and chanced upon some garbage strewn here and there by the edge of the shore.  I picked up several pieces and then suddenly noticed that the colours in the collection of trash I held in my right hand would make a gorgeous t-towel.  At home I pulled the colours off the shelves stocked with cotton cones and here is what I have:
Question: I'm wondering about the addition of red and white - any thoughts?
I'll try to get it warped and wound onto the loom in the next couple of days.  And, in case you're wondering - the orange came from a can of orange crush, the pink and green from a kid's toy, the blue was inspired by plastic shreds of fishing equipment, and the robin's egg came from the cellophane wrapping off a cigarette package.  Not a nice sight but there appears to be an upside to everything.

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